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Canine Therapy - Chapter 2

2022-11-06 14:18:55

After having her first good night’s sleep in weeks, Amy awoke feeling fresh, albeit a little ashamed of herself. Ultimately she was glad she had managed to face her fears and masturbated to climax in spite of her persistent fears of canine sex. It took some real effort to push past the mental block to physically enjoy something that frightened and repulsed her like bestiality; she was unsure of its effect last night, but the calm she felt that morning proved to her that she was doing something right. Many nights since the attack she found herself having nightmares and being unable to sleep, but something about masturbating to the fears made them manageable. With the physical tension released she could sleep in peace. The doctor’s advice was working, weirdly enough, and while she was still very much afraid of dogs, and very much paranoid, there was improvement. She showered, made herself a healthy breakfast and called Dr. Conseil’s office.

“Good morning,” chirped Laura Linton, “Natural Anxiety Reduction offices, my name is Laura, how may I help you?”

“Good morning, Laura. This is Amy - from yesterday?” replied Amy.

“Oh, how lovely it is to hear from you again Amy! I had a feeling you would be back, you know.” Laura said.

“I just wanted to apologise for my behaviour yesterday, and I wanted to see about booking another session with Dr. Conseil? I promise not to overreact the way I did, ever again.”

“I will pass it along, but know that your apology is accepted. I know my husbands’ therapeutic methods can be quite disagreeable at times, many are dismissive at first, but those who really follow his advice find great results. it’s really suited for a specific type of client: someone open-minded, trusting, and willing. My husband could just tell that you were a perfect fit when he met you. Let’s see, I can book you in for today if you’d like.” Offered Laura.

“Thank you so much, today would be perfect.” said Amy. Truthfully, she was nervous to speak with the doctor again, but given her experience last night she needed someone to talk to about her conflicting feelings. After a convoluted walk to the bus stop to avoid her neighbour’s hound, and a short bus ride after that, Amy found herself on the same red leather sofa as yesterday. Across from her on the other sofa was Dr. Conseil, and they began their second session.

“Amy, I want you to tell me more about your fear, what was your attitude to dogs before you were attacked?” He asked. Amy thought for a second.

“Well, I don’t think I ever liked dogs. I always thought they were gross, with all their slobber, and shedding. I didn’t like their barking or the way they smell. Even touching a dog made me feel like washing my hands. After the attack things were worse, but I don’t remember a dog ever being something I more than tolerated.” admitted Amy.

“So you were never fond of dogs. Why do you think that is?” He asked, jotting her words onto a notepad as she spoke.

“I don’t know. I never really knew anyone with a dog growing up, so maybe I’m just not used to them.” she answered.

The two continued to speak about Amy’s disposition on dogs for a short while, and Amy became more comfortable with the questioning.

“I have my suspicions, but I want to hear it from you: why did you come back? Remember, I want details.” instructed the doctor. From her experience with him yesterday, Amy knew it was best to bare all, no matter how embarrassing, since the doctor could tell if she was hiding anything. She could feel her face blushing as she played with her sleeve.

“Well - that night, I thought about what you said, about my inexperience with sex, how the rottweiler attacking me forced me to confront that part of myself, and how, subconsciously, I might have enjoyed it. You also said to try something that scared me, and one thing led to another… I ended up - touching myself, and I came for the first time in more than a month. Multiple times. The whole time I was thinking about that attack. About dogs. For over a month I couldn’t masturbate without those thoughts entering my head, and it scared me too much to ever… ‘finish’. But this time was different, I told myself to keep going, and it just made me so wet I couldn’t stop once I pushed past my defences. It was like fear and arousal mixed into one on my body. I felt chilling tingles all over. I slept better than I had in weeks because of it, and it was thanks to your advice.” Amy confessed. It was soothing to get it all out like this.

“I’m impressed, Amy. I wouldn’t have expected this kind of progress so soon. You have done some great work peeling back the layers of your phobia, so let’s keep peeling. From what I gather you are in a very obtuse mental space. Your inexperience with both sex and dogs being thrust upon you in such a traumatic way has imprinted onto your psyche. Your mental and emotional states take an anxious turn around dogs, but your physical state, especially sexually, seems to be charged by them. While perplexing, this is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, I believe we can use this to your advantage. We can use your positive association with dogs in a sexual sense to resolve the turmoil mentally and emotionally. In other words, keep doing what you’re doing, and I will even prescribe more physical therapies to aid in your development.” said the doctor.

“I’m sorry? You mean you want me to keep masturbating - to dogs? I was hoping that I would be doing something else.” Amy said, going a deep shade of red.

“I’m afraid not. Leaning into the physical will increase your mental and emotional experience with both sex and dogs. Unfortunately, given how the attack altered your psyche in regards to sex and dogs simultaneously, we will have to untangle your phobia in the same way. So you’ll need to address your naivety to sex alongside your fear of dogs to have any chance to return to normal.” he explained. “This has nothing to do with you personally, Amy. You are suffering from an understandable shock which has crossed some psychosexual wires. It may be uncomfortable, but you’ll need to put them back yourself through the physical therapy I prescribe. The therapy is custom-made to suit the patient's needs, and if engaging in masturbatory fantasies seems to work for you, you should keep it up.”

“So your solution for me - is to masturbate to… dogs.” she repeated, still in disbelief. “Surely this can be done separately? The sex stuff and the dog stuff? Separately. Not together. I know what I said about last night, but it was still very uncomfortable to experience.” she explained.

“Facing your trauma is always uncomfortable, Amy. You need to do the difficult thing to get results.” he stated. “If you’d like something more solid to justify my diagnosis, we can run a quick test.”

Dr. Conseil called for Laura to get the projector, which she did. The woman entered the room wearing a canary yellow robe similar to what she wore yesterday, wheeling the projector between the two sofas, facing the blank wall opposite from the bookshelves. While she set it up, the doctor retrieved a black box connected to a series of wires, and each wire had a rubbery disc on its end. He asked Amy to adjust her top, allowing him to stick each disc to her skin. Two at the temples, both sides of the neck and two on the upper chest.

“This machine will record your emotional output. I’m going to show you different images on the projector and see how they affect you mentally, emotionally and physically. I prepared these slides for yesterday’s session to gauge your anxiety stimuli, but they will be good for this test too.” Dr. Conseil explained. With Laura at the projector, the doctor instructed her to move across each slide. Each slide contained either people or dogs, and lasted a few seconds. The black box displayed readings for the doctor to interpret while Amy watched and reacted to the slides.

“Now only the slides of men and slides of dogs.” instructed Dr. Conseil. Laura complied, and each slide contained either a handsome man, or a dog of various build, breed, and size. Soon the men were shirtless, in sexual poses, while the dogs were all male, their breeds large enough to be bigger than Amy herself. Watching the slides go back in quick succession made her feel strange and she could feel her temperature rising. Soon the slideshow ended, and the apparatus was put away. Laura left with the projector, leaving Amy and the doctor alone. The doctor uploaded the readings to his computer and Amy stood by his desk awaiting the results.

“Amy, your results are exactly what I predicted. Your psychosexual makeup has been warped by the attack, and sexually you respond much more to large, male dog breeds than a shirtless Ryan Gosling, which is almost incomprehensible.” he explained, “While you do respond to human beings normally in most social cases, your sexual response to human mates is nearly zero, another consequence of the attack I presume. As such, there is no way you can masturbate to human-focused porn because it simply won’t affect you physically enough to resolve any issue. Additionally, you won’t be able to connect with dogs on an emotional or intellectual basis for obvious reasons. Since you cannot access a sexual connection to humans, nor an emotional connection to dogs, It suggests that the only viable option for you to resolve your anxiety would be through your imprinted sexual connection to dogs. Predominantly sexual physical therapy via canine-based stimulus. So no, doing it separately isn’t an option. Maybe in the longer term you’ll have more options, but I can’t say for sure.”

Amy was, again, lost for words. Unfortunately there was a logic to what he was saying. She quite literally *had* to fantasise about dogs if she wanted her normal life back. The two sat back on the red sofas, where the doctor let Amy soak in the information. This explained why she had no progress with regular talk therapy, she never spoke about the sexual aspect of the attack, and according to Dr. Conseil, she could only make progress physically. It also explained why she was so averted to dogs. She had an unresolved clash between her moral and sexual self resulting in her anxiety towards dogs. Despite her disgust, some relief came over her now that she had a better understanding of her fear. Even upon hearing Dr. Conseil’s diagnosis she had intuitively felt what he said was true, but she didn’t want it to be. She had unconsciously gained a fetish for dogs from the attack that her mind was trying to reject. Laura had returned to the room with tea for them both, and she handed a document to Amy, which she accepted with thanks.

“Now Amy, you would be hard pressed to find another doctor willing to explore your psyche in the way you need. If you would like to continue therapy here, you are more than welcome. I can arrange for you to come every Friday to talk and perform physical exercises to navigate your troubled sexuality, but you will need to sign on as a patient of mine.” said the doctor. “I want you to be fully informed before signing, so please read it fully.”

Amy was hesitant, but knew that this doctor could practically read her mind and may actually know her better than herself. While his diagnosis was unpleasant she could feel it was true, and she couldn’t go back to the standard therapy that just wasn’t working for her. It was a contract, and Amy was smart enough to at least read the whole thing before signing. She read in silence, poring over each sentence. It was lengthy, about twenty pages, but boiled down to some key agreements:

First, that Amy was of sound mind and body, that she was entering the therapy of her own volition and that no coercion or force had been used for Amy’s agreement.

Second, that therapy will include (but will not be limited to) physical bonding activities with male canines of various breeds, with consent being provided by the patient in the form of this contract. Physical bonding may be sexual depending on the expert opinion of Dr. Conseil in regards to patient needs. Canines will be vetted for safety and a professional handler will be present at all times. Decisions on which specific acts are performed are to be made entirely by Dr. Conseil and made solely to benefit the patient.

Third, that any acts are performed solely for patient welfare. Additionally, the patient accepts responsibility for any and all illegal acts committed on her behalf relating to therapy should any legal authorities investigate the matter.

Fourth, Amy would follow treatments prescribed by Dr. Conseil to the letter. Given the nature of the patient's phobia and psychological disposition regarding said fear, treatment may be considered uncomfortable or even deemed ‘cruel and unusual’ by said patient. While the patient's wishes and boundaries are to be respected at all times, outright refusal, non-compliance, or general ‘foul play’ could result in restraint, termination of therapy and possible fines. Termination is a last-resort option, however, and compromise is preferred.

Fifth, treatment may extend outside of office hours and location, in which the patient is trusted to follow said treatment without supervision. This includes equipment to be used or worn outside of the office at prescribed times, general upkeep of bodily hygiene regarding cleanliness, body hair, diet and exercise, and are expected to be maintained by the patient throughout the course of therapy. Recordings/images may be required to ensure treatment is being taken seriously out of office.

Sixth, Natural Anxiety Reduction reserves the right to record within office spaces for uses applicable to future research, safety and security. Recordings will not be distributed to any third party without explicit permission from the patient. The firm accepts legal responsibility for all recorded imagery held.

Seventh, agreement of non-disclosure. Detailed information surrounding treatment is not to be discussed in any way, shape or form, with exception to close friends, family, and health professionals in situations where the information is absolutely vital. This is done to preserve the confidentiality between both patient and therapist, and also allows for treatments to remain on course while avoiding reputational damage and/or legal intervention.

Finally, NAR does not take responsibility for any damages caused on site, to persons, belongings, or otherwise.

Aside from the legal jargon covering NAR’s backside, Amy found some things concerning.

“Physical bonding with male canines? Illegal activity on site? What does that mean exactly?” she asked.

“A good question. For the first one, it means exactly what you think it means, Amy. You’re going to be tackling the dog aspect and the sex aspect at the same time, obviously we will need to introduce real dogs into your physical therapy. It won’t be anything you can’t handle, I’m sure, and you always have the option to remove yourself from the session. Bonding activities will include playing, cleaning, eating and yes, engaging sexually, but we will go slowly and carefully, and only as far as we need to for your benefit. I won’t bullshit you though, Amy, your psyche is already quite distorted, so you will have to do some taboo sexual acts to resolve your fear. It’s a necessary part of dealing with your psychological frame. This is a safe place.I built this office to provide treatment that the established health industry would rather avoid, even if that meant stepping outside the lines of the law to help people. Myself, Laura, and anyone we allow inside this room can be trusted to keep a secret, and we trust you to do the same. Now we both know that bestiality is illegal, but it is my belief that in your case it is necessary to explore the bestial part of your psyche to resolve your phobia. You will need to adopt this belief to continue therapy here. Morality aside, you will be engaged in illegal sexual activity as a part of the therapy I prescribe, and there are consequences for that. This is obviously a big decision for you, so please take all the time you need before you sign.” Dr. Conseil answered fully.

Amy continued to ask more questions, and Dr. Conseil was happy to oblige. After all, he believed the most important part of a successful therapeutic endeavour was that the patient knew the full extent of the therapy and was there completely of their own volition. The doctor had done a lot of convincing with the diagnosis, the tests of her physical response, and was now talking it through with her. As gross as it made her feel, she was becoming sold on the idea of curing her phobia through sexual exposure to dogs. She already found success from masturbatory exploration, and it seemed like the doctor was a true believer in his physical method, which eased her mind. Once Amy had exhausted all of her questions and gave it plenty of thought, she gave in and signed the contract with shaking fingers. She couldn’t believe she was going through with it. She felt a rush, as if she’d just signed away part of her soul. She felt jittery; she had just signed on to face her fear of dogs through sex, and it sent a lustful jolt of shame through her. She thought for a second about taking it back, but thought against it. She had no idea where else she could go, and decided not to say anything.

“Just one more thing,” added the doctor, “We are very serious about patients who completely refuse treatment and fail to follow instructions. Any walkouts like yesterday will result in a termination of the contract. I have neither the time nor capacity to deal with such childish behaviour. If you don’t like something, we compromise. Always.”

With her hour up, Dr. Conseil sent Amy out with another appointment next Friday, and some prescribed exercises to perform at home. She returned home in the evening and went back to her usual evening routine of cooking herself dinner, cleaning and studying. Before bed however, she found herself thinking about her special ‘homework’. Reading the prescribed exercises:

‘One masturbatory session exploring your sexual response to male canines for (at least) three nights this week. Find out which dog breeds produce the greatest sexual response to report back. Extra, explore forums and online video sites for dog bestiality. Knowledge is healing!’

Amy couldn’t believe this was prescribed to her by her doctor. She could feel both the heat in her sex and the twisting in her stomach, and reluctantly gave in. Pulling down her pyjama bottoms she began to rub herself wet, and her thoughts naturally went to that fateful day. Her on her back, the rottweiler pinning her down, its tongue lapping at her face, but this time was different. She was nude, and the beast’s hard member was pressed against her lips impatiently. Her moans of pleasure and groans of dismay collided into some altogether new sound, as her hand moved faster. She couldn’t help but think about the cock: it was long and thick, probably eight inches not including the rounded base. The thing was hard and fleshy, rubbing up and getting coated in her juices. This felt wrong, an animal pressed up against her so intimately, but once she started she couldn’t stop. She thought back to her contract. She signed up for sexual therapy engaging in illegal sexual activity with canines. She should have asked more questions. What breeds? How many canines? Were they all as big as the rottweiler that attacked her? Could they be bigger? Just what sexual activities would she be doing? No, not… FUCKING? Her whole chest heaved with panic, but deep down, a part of her quite liked the mystery, and what exactly awaited her on Friday. She hated how wet it made her to think these things, the shame in her soul feeding directly into her loins. Her thoughts kept going back to the rottweiler: its awful smell, the strange texture of fur, how muscular and heavy it felt on her one-hundred-and-ten pound frame, and its big thick cock. Her fingers went frantic, and it wasn’t long before she came, squirting all over her bedsheets. After her orgasm subsided she felt a renewed shame.

‘I shouldn’t blame myself,’ she thought to herself, ‘they are doctor’s orders after all.’ She finally dozed off after a strange day in therapy.