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PART - 13

December 25th, 2009.

I was sitting on my bed in the evening waiting for my husband to return from market. I sent him to market to buy Christmas gifts for everyone in the family. We were to leave for our honey moon trip to Europe immediately on very next day after Christmas. This is my first Christmas at my in-law's house and both my mom-in-law and dad-in-law were preparing for my first Christmas in their house. All were very happy with my behavior and respect to all in the family. I have already mentioned that my in-laws love me so much that I do not like to call them IN-LAWS. I like to call them dad and mom. I have not missed my parents in this house because of their love towards me. May god provide such a nice parents-in-law to every girl?

My husband returned from market with lot of packets and bags in his hands. He brought the desired gifts. He thrown the bags and packets on the bed and hugged me. I too participated in the action. He kissed me on my lips and I pushed him away and said.......... "Control dear! The door is open."
He: So what? Now you are my wife and I can make love with you even the door is open.
Me: Yes! I am your wife but do not forget that I am a daughter-in-law too. I must follow all the social norms.
He: I am surprised to hear all this from you. You are not the same Julee. You have changed, but I love this change in you. Now I understand why my parent likes you.
Me: They like me because they are having very good heart. They love me like their daughter and I must behave and respect.
He: OK darling...... here are gifts for all and now be ready for Christmas celebration.
He went to the bathroom for a quick bath and I took a beautiful Sari to change it.

I was ready wearing new Sari when he returned after bath. I gave him a light colored suit with dark shirt to wear.

He was looking handsome and I looked myself in the mirror and smiled because I know that I am too beautiful.

There was Christmas party in our house. My parents were also invited to join us and to meet us because we going abroad next day for our honey moon. I do not wish to write party details that went till late night. I was very happy to see happiness of my parents as well as my hubby's parents. Both the families are happy with this marriage.

We returned to our bedroom and were feeling little bit tired.

Me: Let us sleep early so that we can complete our packing in the morning.
He: OK darling. Give me a good night kiss without cloths so that I can sleep earrly.

I smiled and have started to remove my cloths. He too removed his cloths and I put his suit back on the hanger. He was not wearing anything and was lying on the bed. His cock was in semi erect position but I knew that it will be hard, long and stiff very soon before my reaching to the bed. I knew that he was asking for a good night kiss but he will not sleep till his cum. Actually, I too wanted just more than a good night kiss. I removed my panty in the last and went up to him on the bed. As always, the light was on.

We were hugging tight to each other and our lips were locked for a long time. We were lying on the bed facing each other. His big hot rod has started knocking on my naval area. I was started to feel sex heat with his lovely long kiss and his dancing and knocking dick made my clean shave pussy wet within no time. The kiss was very long. We finished the kiss and he pulled me above him. Now position of his dick was between my leg joints, just on my ass creek. I could feel it at below my pussy. His dick has reached up to my ass because of its length. I gripped his cock in between my thighs. He pulled me up to suck my boob and I had to lose my grip from cock but it was still in between my legs. He was sucking my hanging boob. My nipples went hard and turned dark pink in sex pleasure. The way he sucks my boobs, I always feel that he should never takes my nipple out of his mouth. His skillful sexy sucking of my nipple made me so horny that I was in urgent need of wild fucking. I have started to rub my naked and sexy body with his hot and strong naked body, while his boob sucking was continue. I pushed his face on my boobs in excitement which he enjoyed. I was on him keeping my head/face on his hairy chest. I was moving my fingers on his chest and I felt that his small nipples too went little hard by my touching. I took one of his nipples between my two fingers and have started to pinch it. It became harder. I have made a way by siding hairs from his nipple so that I can have a clear view of it. It was very small and lovely nipple. I could not stop myself from taking it in to my mouth. He too enjoyed my sucking of his nipple. I was sucking it for a long time to the best of my ability and made him hotter. I was feeling clear presence of his hot and hard dick on lower part of my belly.

Both of us wanted to finish our love and sex game early because we were to get up early next morning for our final packing and other things as our flight from Goa to Mumbai was in the evening from where we had to catch our flight for Zurich ( Switzerland ) for our honeymoon.

I was riding on him in WOMAN IN TOP position. He was on the bed on his back and I was sitting on him having his hard and hot rod deep in to my pussy. I have shifted my weight on my knees and because of this my lower part was little up from his body and provided some space to him so that he could pump his cock in and out in to my pussy. I was hot and wet as always and this always help me to take long and thick cock deep inside of my pussy in one or two pushes. I started to move my ass round and round and his cock was moving like a grinder in my juicy pussy rubbing inner walls of my pussy. After some rounds, I stopped my action and moving. I put both of my palms on his chest. He started to massage both of my boobs with movement of his cock in to my pussy. I was receiving his hard pushes from down and I was in the haven enjoying fucking. His speed of pumping his cock in to my pussy have increased automatically and he also started to pump my boobs little hard which have taken me deep of the fuck pleasure. I have started moaning slowly unwontedly because of his skillful fucking which was taking me on the seventh sky.

OH DEAR........... YES DARLING.......... LOVE YOU BABY..... YES...... YES........ AAH........ OH........ OH.......... OH.......OH...

He too was enjoying fucking his most lovable pussy. You all are aware that I become hot very early, even by a sexy touch, which takes me near my finishing very early, well before my partner's cum shot.

He could make out from my reaction, as always, that I am near my finishing line and increased his speed like a machine piston. He was holding my back and helping me to match his hard and speedy strokes in side of my juicy pussy. My pussy was completely wet and most lovable fucking sound was coming in to our ear. Fucking music is the best music in the world and every couple wants to hear and enjoy it. His back from down was moving to give and take maximum pleasure of fucking. I have developed the orgasm and was very near to finish. My body have started to become stiff and stiff. I started to sound.... OH.......... YES DEAR..... YES......... YES........... AAH......... OH..... OH........... I AM REACHING DEAR........... OH.......... OH........ OH............... AAH............................................ AAH......................AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAHH
And I hugged him very tight as I was finished and had a very strong orgasm. Juices started to flow out of my pussy, my eyes were closed and I was enjoying my strong orgasm holding his standing hard cock inside of my pussy. I gripped his cock strongly in to my pussy and was laying on him with my legs straight. We remained in the same position for some time. I knew that I have reached and finished but he was still in the middle. His cock was dancing in to my pussy like saying to my pussy.........
"Hey................. Finished darling? I am still waiting to finish. I took your juices but my juice is waiting inside me to come out."

I have lifted my face and have kissed him on his lips.

I: Come on darling! I am in haven. Now it is your turn to join me.
He: OK dear! I will join you. Let me start.
I moved down from him and seen that his hard cock was standing like a iron rod. It was wet but still very hot. I took hold of it. It was really very hot.
He: I want to fill your tunnel with my love cum, dear. Turn your body and have me inside from behind.

For a moment, I thought that he wants to fuck my bum hole. I was ready for it and turned my back towards him. I have bent my back a little and have offered him my ass. He moved his fingers on all over my back part, in to my ass creak, on my ass hole. I was enjoying his lovely touch on my naked back lower body. Soon, it was clear that he wanted to enter in to my pussy from behind.

I was on the bed on my side with my back facing to him. He lifted my leg so that he could enter his cock in to my pussy from behind. We adjusted our position a little bit and now his cock was knocking my pussy door. He put his cock right on the target and pushed it and it was entering in to my love tunnel. He pushed it further and now half of his hot rod was inside my wet pussy. He was kissing on my back which I was enjoying. He moved his body little away from me. Now our upper bodies were away but our lover body was touching. He folded his leg from knee and his knee was pointing towards up. I too lifted my leg a little and put it slightly behind his folded knee. Both of ours legs were locked and I was in a position that one of my ass round was on the bed and other ass round was little on him. It was a perfect position of fucking the pussy from back. He pushed his cock more inside and I was feeling his cock head deep in to me. He started to move his back in a very systematic move and I was supporting him. I was playing my second innings and he was still continuing his first innings. There was a lovely sound of touching lower part of our naked bodies when he was pushing his cock in side. There was another lovely sound in the air with moving his cock in and out of my pussy because my pussy was already too wet. He was holding my shoulders from back while making the hard strokes my eyes were closed and I was enjoying another level of lovely fucking.

I consider myself very lucky that both of my lover and fucker (my uncle and my husband) are very strong in sex. They always gave me minimum two orgasms in their one fucking. This makes me very proud of them. I have heard and read that many male partners finishes early before providing full sex pleasure to their female partners. Thank god! This is not the case with me. I am a very sexy girl, loves sex all the time and sex is very important in my life. I never say NO to sex at any time. I wish to enjoy sex as many as times and as much as possible in my life. Thank god! Once again, that my sexual partner is so strong. At the same time, I think that my husband is also very lucky to have a lover and wife like me who supports every sex move. I know that a lot of females do not like much sex, may be because of their male partner's weak performance or may be due to some other reason. But, I am the female, who loves sex games all the time, as and when my male partner wants and also as and when I wants. We both are very lucky and are enjoying our most favorite game of sex whenever we want.

He was continuing making hard strokes with his sexy moves and I was enjoying it. My wet juicy pussy was providing him full support in making hard and strong strokes without any problem.

We wanted to sleep early but once we started to play sex game, we were not thinking about the time. We were enjoying without thinking about anything. Meantime, hard fucking made me more sexy and horny. I was again started to develop my next orgasm. I was ready for another sex pleasure. He was fucking me harder and harder............. faster and faster to get his first cum shot of the night.

I was supporting him in strokes and once again, my body started to went stiff as always before a strong orgasm. I was flying in the sky with his every shot and once again, I started to moan YES DEAR......................... FAST..................... FAST...............YES.......... YES.................... YES...................... OH DEAR................... MY LOVE...................... AAAHHHHHHHHHHH.
He: Hold it darling! I am also nearing my station. Hold on......... Please hold....... hold on.............. Oh................ oh...................... oh......
I was trying to hold my orgasm because I wanted to finish with him. I could not do much but I could note that he was not far away. I tried my best to match him in finishing.
But.................But....................... But................... Suddenly.............. There was a flow from juices from my pussy and I was in deep pleasure of experiencing another strong orgasm. He was also not far away. After four or five strokes ... He too reached his destination. He hugged me tight and his cock mouth fired cum shot deep in to my juicy pussy.

OH JULEE............... OH MY DARLING............................ I LOVE YOU........... OH...................AAH.............................OH. He was moaning in pleasure. His hot rod was continuing to fire cum shot with dancing in to my pussy and we were lying on the bed hugging each other. He was sticking behind me and his hands were playing with my boobs. We both were in deep sexual satisfaction pleasure which I got twice and he got once. I was still feeling hardness of his cock in to my pussy.

Slowly….. slowly.............. His cock started becoming soft and he pulled his cock out of my pussy. I got up and went to bathroom to clean myself. I have drained out his cum coming out from my pussy with my own juices and washed out it. When I returned back to the bed, he was waiting for me to clean himself in the bathroom. He too went bathroom and cleaned himself. We turned the light off and we both were sleeping naked on the bed hugging each other after a very good sex game and we do not know when we were went in deep sleep.

Next day, we were busy whole day in packing and meeting with other members of the family and guests before proceeding for our honey moon trip in the evening. We took Goa - Mumbai flight in the evening and reached Mumbai to catch SWISS flight from Mumbai for Zurich (Switzerland).
Everything went smoothly and we were on board for our honey moon trip. It was 1.50 in the early morning when our flight took off. I was on the window seat. We took some wine on board which made both of us hot again because it was more than 24 hours when we played our last sex game. We both were under the blanket and lights inside the flight went off. Everyone was trying to sleep but we, the sexy pair in the flight were playing our game under the blanket. We were providing our hand services to each other before sleeping. As usual, I reached and finished earlier than him and I was trying hard and making hard strokes on his cock to take him up to last sex station. I was jerking him and jerking him. He told me to stop at one point and I could not understand that why he stopped me because he was still in the middle. He took his cock back in his trouser and went to bathroom. Now I understood, why he asked me to stop. He wanted to throw his cum out in the bathroom instead of using any cloth for it. I cleaned my pussy with tissue paper and put it in to waste bag.

He returned from bathroom after his self-service jerks to his own rod and I could notice a satisfaction on her face. It was already too late and we went to sleep for keeping us fresh for next morning, the first morning of our honey moon trip in Switzerland.

We landed at Zurich airport early in the morning and Switzerland is well known place for us as we visited here for numbers of time before too. It was too cold and the temperature was -2. We were having warm clothes on our bodies. We took a train for our destination Luzern where we booked a hotel. Luzern is well known city for its beauty, Lakes, mountains, and availability of all kind of sexual materials.

We checked-in in to hotel and had our good morning quick fuck in the room before going out after the breakfast.

We returned in the hotel only in the evening. I like this place because here are no restrictions on the sex in public. You can express your sexual emotions at anywhere. Kissing, hugging, pressing boobs, holding cock over cloths are normal activities and no one would mind it. We too did a lot of sexual activities in the day which I would not mention here to keep my sexual autobiography on the right track.

During the day, we went in to a sex shop to purchase a kit for safe anal sex. We saw there a lot of peoples purchasing the same kit. The kit claims 100% safe and infection free anal sex for a normal couple or gay couple. For information of my readers and friends, I mention contains of this pack and direction of use in detail in my first ever full anal sex act.

We were getting ready in our room by removing our cloths. Although, temperature outside was very low but it was nice inside the room because of heater. We were not feeling any cold even we were fully naked in the room. I was very excited for ass fuck. My hubby's instrument was looking down and I could see that slowly…..slowly it was getting bigger and bigger............ longer and longer................. Harder and harder. I felt that his cock was looking at me before fucking me. He opened the anal sex pack. There was a injection in side without niddle (instead of niddle, it was thin pointed of a length of niddle), a bottle of chemical like soap water and another bottle of cream. He took injection and opened the bottle of soap water like chemical. He took the liquid in the injection up to the marking on it and smiled looking at me. I knew that this was for my ass hole. I bent forward a little to show my bum hole to my husband. He put the injection on my ass hole and pushed thin and niddle like portion of the injection in to my ass. I was feeling presence of thin part of the injection in to my ass. He pumped out the chemical in to my ass and it was a never before tickling experience in to my ass.

He : Wait for some time darling. The chemical will throw all the dirty material out of your bum and you will be cleaned and germs free for a safe and infection free anal sex without a condom.

I stood up and hugged him in thrill. We were kissing each other and our lips were locked.

I was started to feel some movement inside my ass tunnel and went to bathroom. It took very little time to flush out and I was feeling very light weighted. I had cleaned myself with warm water before coming out of the bathroom.

Now I was ready to have a very safe anal sex with my husband. I have noticed while washing my ass that it is more silky and flexible. He was waiting for me on the bed. I jumped on the bed and took his hot rod in to my mouth. He pumped my boobs which made me madder, hotter, hornier and wet between my legs. I cannot stop my clean shave pussy form becoming wet with any sexual activity. His cock was getting more stiff and hard in to my mouth and I was sucking it like milking him. I could not control myself for a long time and I wanted to have his hot rod deep in to my ass first time without any delay. He understood my feeling. He told me to take doggy position on the corner of the bed. He was standing on the floor and I have adjusted my back and ass according to position of his hot cock. He took some cream from the bottle of anal sex pack and has applied some on his cock and some on my ass hole. He pushed some cream in to my ass hole with help of his finger. Now................ we both were ready to explore a new sex pleasure of ass fucking. He told me to relax my ass hole and put his cock head on the target. He was ready to enter and I was ready to take him in to my ass. I relaxed my ass hole and he took advantage of it by pushing his cock head inside of my ass. There was little pain but more than the pain, the thrill was there. He moved his cock little back and pushed it harder in to my ass. Oh my god............................ A pain with pleasure.............. .

He looked at me and said............ ARE YOU OK DEAR?! !
Me: I am OK darling >>>>>>>>>>>. Go ahead.

He took back his cock and this time he pushed it in with a power and I could feel that half of his cock was inside of my ass. I checked it by moving my hand up to my bum hole. He is having a long and thick cock which is longer in the size of a normal cock. Having his full cock inside means an achievement in sex game. There was little pain but as mentioned, my ass hole became more flexible after using cleaning material and it is smoother after applying special anal sex cream. His both hands were on my very firm ass rounds and he was holding them in a very sexy way which helped me for making the right balance on required height. He has started to push and pull ...... in and out.... and I noticed that he was pushing his cock more inside of my bum with his every push......... every stroke........ With his every movement. I was enjoying my first ever ass fucking although there was pain in my bum. My eyes went closed in a very good feeling and pleasure. Yes........ There was pain but I wanted to have complete ass fucking pleasure. I was feeling that I will have an orgasm, a different and stronger orgasm with this amazing ass fucking by my husband. His strokes were continued and now I felt his balls touching my pussy. I was wondering the way his hot, long and thick cock was traveling in to my ass tunnel. It was as easy as pussy fucking. I understood, the cleaning liquid and the special cream had made ass fucking so easy and enjoyable for us. I was enjoying the way he was moving his cock in and out. After some strokes I was feeling his cock head near to my heart and I asked him whether it is fully inside. He told me that it is almost all inside. I was having some pain but when his long and strong cock was full inside of my ass and moving in and out in speed, I was enjoying too.

My pussy was very wet and I could feel that his balls touching my pussy every time with his push, also went wet with my pussy juices. His front part around his dick was touching my round ass with a bang making a sexy sound every time when he made in move. This time I wanted to give him full satisfaction without any break and I wanted that he continue fucking my ass till he cum. You all are aware that he takes more than normal time to cum and many a times, I had to use my hand and mouth to make him cum to satisfy him. This time, I decided that I will give him complete sex pleasure to cum in to my ass and I was not worried about the time he takes to cum. suddenly................... He moved one of his hands up to my pussy and started to play with my clits, which created more enjoyable sexual moments for me. I was having double pleasure. His cock was fucking my ass and his hand was on my juicy pussy. His strokes in to my ass were started coming fast and fast with movement of his fingers between my pussy lips. Movement of his fingers and strokes of cock were increasing and increasing. Now there was no pain.

There was only pleasure. There was only sex and sex in the locked room. Hot and newly married couple was unaware from rest of the world playing a very popular and well known game of sex. I was nearing my orgasm with his pussy rubbing and he could notice this from my action and reaction. He pulled out his hand from my pussy and diverted his full attention on my ass fucking. There was a different kind of sound in the air because of the cream used in ass fucking. I never heard this kind of sound any time during pussy fucking. I could feel that the sound may be due to air pressure created by the cream in to my ass tunnel and it was sounding with every in and out movement of his dick. I had developed a very strong orgasm like an explosive. His hot cock fucking my ass has become hotter. I was feeling like increase in his cock thickness and surely, now it was harder like a iron rod. He too was enjoying his first ever ass fucking and my eyes were still closed in never before pleasure. He was stroking me without stopping. It is always better that he fucks without any rest because I know that if he takes little break in fucking, than it will take more longer time to cum. There was very cold outside but inside the room, sex heat was making the room warm. I was sure that even if we turn the heater off, we will not be feeling any cold because of sex heat between us. My ass was receiving hard strokes and we both were nearly sweating.

My fuck machine............... my husband ............. my fucker............... my lover.............. Was giving me sex pleasure. He have became more fast in stroking. I was being fucked by my husband like a bitch in the doggy style position.

My dear readers and friends!! ! I have no words to express my pleasure of my first ass fuck but I am sure that you will feel it by reading. He too was near his finishing line by continuing stroking my ass without any break. My boobs were hanging in air were moving and dancing with his strokes. I appreciate judgment of my husband about my orgasm and his finishing. He again moved his hand down to my pussy. My pussy was very wet by that time and juices were flowing out of it making my thighs wet. He started to move his fingers on my clits and g spot in very good speed to take me up to my final sex destination along with him. I felt that I will have a complete and strong orgasm by ass fucking because I was very near to finish with his strong strokes in to my ass. His cock was moving in and out of my ass in a great speed making very sexy fuck sound in the air. I was feeling my pussy being fucked, not my ass. It was so sexy....... so lovely experience that I wish every female should have it.

I was very near to finish and I could not control myself from sounding loudly in pleasure.

OH DEAR............................ I LOVE YOU............ FUCK ME HARD DARLING................. I AM REACHING MY LOVE.................
OH GOD....................... YES.......................... YAAAAAAAAAA
.................. I AM COMING...................... I AM REACHING........ I AM FINISHINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG OH DEAR >>>>>>>>> OH...

My body went stiff before finishing and I was finished. I had a very strong...................... different................... never before orgasm.
And he too hugged my ass tightly and sounded loudly............ JJJJJUUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEE................. MY DARLIIIIINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG and his cock made my ass creamier by his powerful cum shower shot deep in to my ass. As always, I could feel his cum shot inside me. His cock was dancing with every shot of cum and I could feel that my ass was filled with his love cream cum. I want down on the bed and he was lying on my back still having his cock in to my ass. His cum started to flow out of my ass AND WE WERE LYING UNMOVED.

It was a very good ass fucking experience for both of us. We both were feeling satisfied with each other. The most important moment of our first ass fucking was, we both reached together and I could take my husband till last line without removing his cock from me. Generally, I reach two times and he reaches only once in our sex game but this time we both reached together, one time in one game.

His cock was started to become soft and he pulled out it from my ass. A lot of cum was out on the bed flowing from my ass via my ass creek near my pussy.

I went to the bathroom to clean my bum and have flushed out a lot of cum from inside of my ass. My ass passage was cleaned easily.................. thanks to ass fucking kit. After some time, my husband too joined me in the bathroom and we had a warm shower together before going to sleep.
I would like to mention that I played many ass fucking games with my husband during my honey moon trip and have noticed that one infection free anal sex kit is enough for about 15 ass fucking games. We have purchased 10 kits at the time of returning India and I am enjoying regular anal sex with my hubby.

Dear readers and friends! I would like to mention that anal sex is very good but it should be done with care. It is very common that male gets infected very easily if anal sex is done without using a condom or without making anal passage infection free before anal sex. If a male gets infected during anal sex, the female will also be infected when the same infected cock enters pussy of female. So.............. I suggest everyone to enjoy sex but with care. As far as infection free anal sex kit is concern, at present it is not available in India but I hope, soon it will be available in India for anal sex lovers.