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The family tradition CH2

2022-08-04 00:00:03

Sorry for the long wait people, but some personal matters that where very urgent needed to get taken care of :)

Chapter 2

I was stil not really sure that I was even awake, during breakfast I just kept wondering what's my name. I still can't make any sense of it. At least I'm having fun.

After breakfast I just walked around the house, wondering what my name was. Then I remembered that my sister left me a note.

Hello Thom,

I know of your latex fetish, and I want you to know that I share this fetish with you. The catsuit you're holding in your hands, is a very special one. If you have it on, it will snug to your skin like a second skin, like all catsuits do. But this one does more. It gives you the capability to switch sexes. If you put this on, you will feel nothing in the beginning, but if you have a orgasm in this catsuit, you will be given the capability to switch sexes. It only has one switch, and that's to the same template as me and mom are.

I know you're wondering, did my mom and my sister wear this one to? To answer the question, not this one. We each got one, specially made for us. If you decide to continue with it, your live will change, no-one will know you anymore like Thom, Only we (I and our mother) will. During your transformation you feel some pain. But it's all worth it.

Whatever you decide, we will always love you

Kisses and hugs
Your sister

After reading it again, I found a small line of text I didn't see the first time. "P.s. I don't know your name, but any card with your name on it will do."

After that, I almost ran trough the wall to my room, searching for my wallet. I just couldn't find it. However, I found a whole lot of porn vids. Feeling the need to masturbate again, I just couldn't help to let the stack of vids drop to the floor, and tear the dress I was wearing to shreds. I just couldn't help it!

I turned around, and sat down on the end of my bed. My nipples stood on end, and I reached up with my hands to play with them. I NEEDED to feel my breasts, so I lifted each up individually to lick them. After some licking and rubbing I released my tits, and then released my tits and fell backward onto to the bed. I tried to spread my legs as wide as they could go, and lift my head so it appeared between my legs. I was just amazed by how flexible this new body of mine was. I tried enough when I was still Thom, but I never made it that far, and I always felt my back hurt afterwards. And now, I just do it without even a hint of pain!

I slid my hands towards my pussy, slowly following a trail from my breasts towards my belly button, and even further down to my pussy, I began to rub the outside. Then I let my head drop to the bed as my inexperienced hands hit the spot, and let loose a wave of ecstasy. A moan escaped my lips, and soon, my fingers were going in and out of my very, very wet pussy. I pulled out my hand, and continued with the other, while I started sucking on the fingers in my pussy. After some sucking I brought my hand down to my tits. I pinched and softly pulled each one individually, and then massaged them.

With my fingers still rubbing and toying with my new pussy, I started getting up, while lifting my her right breast to my mouth to start licking it. I brought my tender nipple into my mouth, and began to softly suck on it. Then I released my breast, and brought my hand back down to continue finger fucking. I nibbled at my nipple slightly, and sucked hard, which forced more of the tit into my mouth, before holding my nipple between her teeth and sucking in the much needed air. I repeated this process of suckling and nibbling again and again.

It did not take long to feel the heat between my legs grow. The orgasm grew and grew to a point that I felt I could not hold it any longer. I started grunting and moaning with my tit still in my mouth, and began to bite down hard on my nipple as I started climaxing. The pain in my nipple pushed me to a new level of unknown pleasure. My pussy walls started crushing my finger, which were still on auto-control moving in and out of my dripping wet fuckhole. As I climaxed, I felt a pressure in my pussy, like I needed to pee, and then a liquid shot out of my slit. My hand fell limp, and touched my clit, making more juice come out of my hole. I was just amazed how much pleasure a woman can have. As my orgasm finally subsided, I tried to sit up, with that I felt the blood rush from my head, and I passed out, my hand still holding my pussy.

After a while (it felt like a day), I woke up, and slowly my memories started returning to me. Which made me smile. I started to get dressed, wanting to feel the enclosure of latex again, I choose for a very tight mini dress with matching boots. Just loved the look of my new self!. I almost wanted to play again with the new me, but I was just to tired. I walked towards the kitchen, wanting to get something to drink. I looked outwards, out of the kitchen window, just enjoying the weather outside. Then it remembered! I still don't know my female name....

I walked back to my room, as fast as my boots allowed me (did I tell I was walking on 3 inch high heels?) and I looked at my desk, and there it was, all my cards, including my drivers license. Then I saw my name.....

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