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The Gender Wars Chapter 6 Discipline

2022-08-02 00:00:03


Chapter 6 Discipline

"WAKE UP! SLUT!" I ordered.

"Yesh... Mashter..." my Hot! As! Fuck! Sister Kelly answered groggily as her eyes fluttered open. She was sitting up in bed next to me, naked, her wrist tied behind her to the headboard. Her ankles were also bent back behind her shoulders and fastened to the headboard as well.

My Sister was trussed up this way to punish her for her disobedience.

Kelly had snuck out of the house the night before last in an attempt to meet up with some friends. That'd been a wrong move on her part, seeing as how they'd all been cornered down a back ally by a group of men. Luckily I'd managed to find them with only one fatality amongst them. Of course, then I'd had to commit another murder to rescue my Sister.

And now it was my Duty as the Male in the family to hand out Discipline. The night before, I had restrained Kelly and fucked her into unconsciousness twice. Then I'd fallen asleep next to her trussed up figure.

It was time for day two of my very special brand of Discipline.

I stood up and began to get ready for the day. As I got dressed, I began to count off the things that would need attending to today. The food in the house was running low, so I would have to make a Grocery run and stock up. I would have to alert My Beautiful! Mother Diane to our new situation regarding My Hot! As! Fuck! Sister Kelly. With that in mind, this country was a Violent place right now, and I had a feeling that things would begin to break down real soon.

"Okay, Slut! You just stay right there, I'll be back real soon with Mom, and she can see what an excellent little Slut your becoming." There was a look of shock horror that quickly relaxed on Kelly's face as she processed what I'd just said. "Thank you for letting Mom see what a little cumdumpster this Slut is becoming, Master!" My Sister said. She was gazing at me glass-eyed, a dreary smile plastered across her face. Something had changed within Kelly, she'd answered my statement like a perfectly natural submissive Slut, weird? I took a close look at her Cunt and saw what was practically a waterfall.

With that, I left the room and closed the door behind me, breathing hard. What had I done to my Sister? Something about her was very different now.

Standing in the hallway, I looked at the door opposite me, the door to my Mother's bedroom. It was only six-thirty in the morning, my Mother would still be asleep at this hour. Silently, I opened her door to see her beautiful figure spread languidly over the bed, covered only by a thin satin nightgown. If I'd looked close enough, I would have seen the faded yellow remnants of bruises from M-Day, the day men had dominated the country and the day women had lost all human rights.

I crept over to the bed and quietly began to undress, this was too good an opportunity to miss. Quietly I climbed into bed beside my Mother's fit and fertile body.

"Good morning, dear Mother," I whispered suggestively in her ear as I cupped a hand over her mouth and straddled her torso. Her eyes flew wide open as she began making Frightened "MMMMMMmmmmmfff!" noises from behind my hand. Though they quickly died down to more sounds of annoyance as my Mother realised that it was only me who had restrained her. That wasn't right, I was the man in this house, she should Respect me.

"Guess what dear Mother? Kelly's a little different this morning." at that remark, my Mother raised her eyebrows in alarm. "Don't worry, don't worry, no permanent damage has been done to her body, after all, I've only completed day one of her Punishment. As for her psyche, well, that may be another story..." I gave her a weak patronising smile at that.

"MMMMmmmMMMfff-" "Okay, fine," I said, taking my hand away, "What?"

"Martin!" gasped my Mother, looking thunderstruck, "Wha-what, have you done to your Sister? Where is she? Can I see her? What do you mean by day one?" The questions were tumbling out of my Mothers mouth like a fountain. So I cupped my hand over her mouth again to get my thoughts in order.

"Okay Mom, You can see Kelly once you've serviced me this morning as all mothers should!" I explained and then took my hand away again. Instead of bursting out in a torrent of questions again, My Mother began calculating as she stared into my eyes. I stared back, gazing deeply into my Mother's beautiful aquamarine irises as I lusted after her.

"Yes, Sir," sighed My Mother, half-heartedly. She was obviously going to need some more Discipline! "AAAIIIEEE!!!" my Mother squealed as I backhand her hard across the face.


"I Don't know Sir!" she responded a little more respect in her voice now. That was good, she needed to understand, just like Kelly was beginning to, that I was the Master of this house.

"THINK about it, Cunt! What did you do wrong? I questioned, slapping her hard. "Did I say the wrong thing, Sir?" My Mother queried. "No, Cunt! good guess though." I grabbed her right breast and dug my fingers in, twisting it painfully. "Because you like it, Sir?" she asked, through gasps of pain.

That made me stop a beat and look at myself, what had I become? A week ago, I had been a typical post-high school graduate looking forward to college. Now here I was straddling My Mother's glorious body and about to do who knows what. Then I remembered something that I had realised the night before. I was a MAN, and they were women, so they didn't really matter any more, they were now effectively my property.

"Open your Mouth, Cunt!" I said in a low, deadly voice. "Yes, Sir!" My Mother responded, this time with a little more conviction in her voice. She knew what the consequences would be if she didn't say yes. She opened her mouth wide as I turned around and got on all fours. My 'Slightly larger than average' Cock was dangling down and 'Just the tip' bumped around inside my Mothers open mouth. "Suck!" I instructed, then I buried my face in my Mother's Cunt! And began to feast. That was the stuff, the sweet nectar flowing from my Mother's moist Cunt coated the insides of my mouth as I slowly thrust my Cock down her throat. But 'The Beast' inside me wanted more. So I picked up my pace and began ploughing my Mother's throat, balls deep, straight down into the bed. Harder and harder, I fucked her face over and over again.

My Mother's thighs wrapped around my head tightly as I continued to pound at her face, then she jerked those thighs, aggressively in a failed attempt to pull me off. That just made me double down again and begin jackhammering her face-hole at twice the speed. That's when her entire body began to spasm wildly, as she tried to escape the assault and get some air. She thrashed violently beneath me for about half a minute as I came, holding the full length of my Cock down her throat before her arms and legs collapsed around me as she passed out.

I stayed like that, just relishing the feeling of headfucking my Mother to unconsiousness for a minute before climbing off and getting dressed again.

"WAKE UP, CUNT!" I roared, backhanding my Mother awake, "It's time to see what's happened to Kelly." I Grabbed my Mother by the bulk of her silver-blonde hair and lifted her out of bed to stand naked before me.

"What's wrong with you, Martin? Your different this morning, it's like your a completely different person to yesterday." My Mother looked at me with searching eyes, trying to understand what I'd become. I'd let 'The Beast' inside me take full control. I was the Man I this House and all Women in my presence should bow down and supplicate themselves to me!

I held my Mother face to face with me, the tips of our noses barely touching and said in a low menacing tone. "That's right Mom, the kind caring son you knew is gone now... BOW DOWN TO ME CUNT!" Then I slammed her face-first into the carpet. "AAAAAIIIIIIIEEEE!!!!!!!" She screamed as I began dragging her out the door, "NO, NO, NOOOOOOO, THIS CAN'T BE REAL, BUT IT HUUUUUUURRRTS!!!"

I dragged my Mother out into the hallway as she wailed and lifted her back to her feet. "QUIET, CUNT! YOU WILL SPEAK ONLY WHEN SPOKEN TO! YOU WILL RESPECT ME AND OBEY ALL ORDERS GIVEN TO YOU, IS THAT CLEAR, CUNT?"

There was nothing but pure terror on her bleeding face, as she looked up at me and realised that I had snapped, her son wasn't coming back. "Yes, Sir" she uttered, hoping it was the right thing to say. I lent in real close and whispered, "Call me, Master! Cunt!" "Yes, Master!" she choked out of her fear paralysed lungs.

I turned and knocked on my bedroom door, "Guess what Slut? Moms about to come in and see what you've become-" "Pleas-Pleas-Please! Come in and Give me your Cock, Master!" Cried my Sister Kelly. I heard a gasp and turned to see my Mothers mortified expression. "See, I told you she was a little different," I said with a hungry grin, "Shall we enter, Cunt?"

"Yes, Master!" My Mother agreed obediently, so I unlocked it and entered my Mother trailing close behind. "NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She cried collapsing to her knees as she caught her first glimpse of my sisters trussed up figure. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HER!, MARTIN?" screamed my Mother, a completely flabbergasted expression painted across her face.

So, I spun around and backhanded her to the floor. "YOU WILL SPEAK ONLY WHEN SPOKEN TO, CUNT!" I roared leering down at my Mothers bruised and battered form. "Yeth... Marthter!" she swallowed, "yesh... Master!" Then my Mother bowed down to me, her forehead to the floor in supplication.

"I understand seeing your daughter trussed up like that is a bit of a shock Cunt!" I said, stepping onto the tips of my Mothers fingers. "But a Cunt like you'll have to realise that you'll be sharing me with That Slut from now on. So Cunt! Slut! say it together now."

"Yes, Master!" they chorused, "we're a family, and family sticks together."