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The openings, Part 3

2022-06-23 00:00:03

When he had entered high school his parents had bought him a laptop. He had spent the time since then organizing his collection of photos and had hundreds of pictures of the females he had the pleasure of opening. By the time he had turned 16 he had discovered the darknet and was running a booming business with his memorabilia. His off shore account held more cash than he parents made in 10 years. But he was content for the time. The small bible thumping town he lived in gave him plenty of opportunities to indulge his pleasures. The bible thumping kids all believed the Adam and Eve snake story and constantly brought their friends to him, offering them up as new sacrifices.

The poor kids from the other side of the tracks offered other opportunities as well. His parents had encouraged him as a young child to take up music and by the time he entered high school he was adept at playing multiple instruments. For his 9th grade service project he offered to teach the poor kids to play an instrument. Three days a week he would take a poor kid home with him and tutor them.

In this manner he had his first sample of exotic females - something other than the white middle class he babysat for. The variety was well received by his customers as well. His first taste of dark was 8 year old Nevaeh. She lived with her mom and grandmother which probably explained why she had not already been despoiled when she started coming to him. He was teaching her violin and she was a quick learner - she really had a talent for music.

After her third lesson, when he was sure she was hooked, he told her that his service project was over and he would have to stop giving her lessons unless she could pay. Of course her family did not have any money and she told him that, her dark eyes welling with tears. He pretended to think about the problem for a while before finally telling her that when she came next week he would have come up with a solution and not to say anything to anyone just yet.

The following week he picked Nevaeh up outside her second grade classroom as usual and walked her to his empty house. He brought her up to his room and sat her down in front of his computer, the screen dark, "ok I know how you can make money so that you can keep taking lessons with me. But here's the thing.. your mom and grandma would not approve. And if you were to tell them what you were doing they would most likely throw you out in the street like they did your older sister. " He knew about the older sister because she had been a couple grades ahead of him in school. She had gotten pregnant with her gang banger boy friend and her mother had thrown her out of the house after the house got shot up the second time by the rival gang.

"so you have to decide before we go any farther what you want to do. Do you want to give up your music lessons and go back to what it was like before or do you want to keep a secrete from your family about how you are making money to keep taking lessons? It is totally up to you and I will respect your decision. But let me warn you, if you decide to go forward then for your own good you can never ever tell anyone. Little kids like you don't last long out on the street."

He sat back and waited, watching her. He knew in the end she would agree because she wanted to keep taking lessons and spending that hour each week somewhere clean and safe. He was sure the food he fed her helped too. What he wanted to be sure of though, was her commitment to keeping it all a secrete.

Finally she answered him, telling him she wanted to take more lessons no matter what and that she understood that she could never ever tell anyone.

"very well," he said, reaching past her to turn on the monitor, " take a look and see . This is what you will be doing. Each week we will spend half your lesson paying for it and then the second half I will spend teaching you." He waited, watching her examine all the photos that had popped up on the screen .. photos of girls she knew, photos of girls she was friends with, photos of girls who were mean to her at school... but all of them in sexual positions...

"as you can see, there is no man or boy in the picture - it is just you. Some of the things you will need to do might be uncomfortable at first but many other things will be very enjoyable for you. If you are ready we can get started. This first time I will help you get ready but from here on I expect you to come in and immediately get ready on your own while I set things up. "

He moved to sit on the edge of his bed and beckoned her to come stand between his legs. He watched her face, seeing her hesitate briefly, having a discussion with herself obviously. Finally she stood and approached him, " I know what sex is and my grandma and momma tell me I am supposed to save myself for my husband but most of the girls in my neighborhood are all having sex with boys by the time they are in high school. At least I am doing it for a good reason."

"smart girl" he praised her as he began unwrapping his present. She was wearing a dingy tee shirt that was several sizes too big and he began by sliding his hands up her sides under the baggy shirt, getting her used to his touch. Without lifting the shirt, he moved his hands around to her chest. All the bible thumper girls were still completely flat at this age, nothing distinguishing them from the boys, all their secrete female contours still hidden. So he was surprised to discover that little Nevaeh was already developing puffy little mounds. " mmmmm.. what a nice surprise!" he breathed, cupping the developing mounds in his hands and kneading them while plucking at her large puffy nipples. When he could wait no longer he slide her t shirt up over her head, exposing what his hands had already discovered. "yes what a nice surprise - already developing your feminine form.. you should be proud of your body, stand with your shoulders back and chest forward, the female form is so enticing!"

She immediately adjusted her posture and he grabbed his phone, snapping the first of what would be many photos for his web site. He pulled and played with her nipples until they became stiff and hard and then snapped more photos, encouraging her to play with them as well. He sucked and licked them, enjoying the little sounds she made when he did. Taking more photos when they were shinny wet with his spit.

Finally he moved on, unbuttoning her worn out jeans and sliding them down her dark thin legs, his eyes riveted to her very most personal hidden spot. "today I am going to open you to the world. It will be my pleasure to be the first to welcome you and show you what your female form can do. "

He turned her around, standing her in front of the bed with her jeans pushed halfway down her legs and told her to cross her arms under her chest while he took more photos of her young untouched body. When he was satisfied he laid her back on the bed and finished removing her clothes. As he spread her open for the very first time he found himself fascinated by the contrast of colors. His hands on her dark skin, the pink of her inner lips compared to her outter. He took picture after picture, holding her open, his hands in the pictures, her hands reaching down to spread herself wide for his pleasure...

When he could wait not longer he kneeled between her legs and leaned in for that first sweet scent of untouched womanhood. Talking more to himself he muttered, " so sweet... ok then lets get started, " and then pulled a crate from under his bed. The crate was filled to the brim with phallic shaped items of varying size and he rummaged through it until he found several items that satisfied him. He lined them up, leaning against her inner thigh, a pink sucker with a long white stick on it, a thin tipped marker, and finally a sliver mini mag light. He took several photos of them lined up by her fresh untouched pussy and then moved them out of the way on the floor.

He kneeled back down between her legs, anxious to taste dark for the first time. "ok now, this part you will enjoy I promise" he grinned at her. Using his fingers he peeled her open, again marveling at the contrast in color. His first taste was a long lazy lick that started all the way down at her puckered hole and only ended when he was able to suck her puffy clit into his mouth. He heard her moan in pleasure as he continued to lick and suck her untouched female secrets and smiled against her flesh. He could have spent over an hour just eating her it was so enjoyable but knowing that time was passing, he reluctantly pulled away, pausing to snap a few more pictures before picking up the sucker.

"this will feel a little funny at first but eventually you will learn to enjoy it as well" he told her, using one hand to spread her wide open again. He twisted the pink lolipop against her clit for a minute, enjoying the sound of her shaky breath until finally he turned the sucker around and began feeding the stick end into her untouched tunnel. She whimpered a little, the feeling unfamiliar, her body unfamiliar with being invaded. He only smiled and continued to feed the sucker deeper into the dark skinned girl until she had taken the whole thing, the sucker head resting tight against her moist hole.

He paused to take several more photos and to lick her clit, tasting the sucker that had been there but a minute before. "mmm cherry!" he smiled at her, beginning to pump the suck stick in and out of her small hole. Once she was used to the feel of the stick moving deep insider her, he slid it out and set it down on the floor, picking up the fine tip marker.

He has been some what surprised that the sucker stick had not hit her hymen as it usually did on the church girls but he knew the marker would as it was twice as long. It was also twice as thick and he had to work to get it started opening her virgin hole. Once he got it started, he used his other hand to massage and play with her clit, encouraging her to play with her budding tits as well, beginning the long road to her first ever orgasm.

Farther and farther he pushed the marker into her, opening her for the first time far beyond the reach of the sucker stick. To his disappointment he ran out of marker before reaching her barrier. He was forced to accept that at some point in time in the past her hymen had already torn. But his disappointment did not detract from the experience from long and he began pumping the marker deeper and deeper into her, the white contrasting with the black. At the same time he continued to play with her clit, listening to her moan and breath heavier and heavier until he could smell her excitement.

And then he stopped, picking up his phone for more photos, telling her to use her hands to open herself wide for him so he could see the end of the marker sunk so deep inside her. Satisfied with his photos, he withdrew the marker and picked up the mag light, its sliver case catching the light. "ok this is the last one, it is quite a bit bigger and will definitely open you up. Be brave Nevaeh" he told her as he began working the flashlight into her tight opening.

Her body refused entry to the flash light, pushing back against it. He heard her whimper from the pain as he continued to push harder and harder. Finally he switched tactics, working his finger into the little girl for the first time, fucking her deeper and faster until she was slick with her own juices again. Then, holding her wide open with his other hand, he worked a second finger into the small girl, stretching her wider than ever. She whimpered again from the pain but didn't fight him. When he had both fingers in her tight tunnel, he began pulsing them, spreading them apart and then letting them come back together. He continued to work the walls of her virgin tunnel until he felt them start to give, stretching to accommodate his demands.

He slid one finger out, leaving the other one to hold her open as he again brought the flashlight to her now stretched hole. This time he was able to get the end of the flashlight started in her now opened hole. He paused to take more pictures, pleased with how much he had opened her. He took a series of photos as he continued to work the light deeper and deeper into her tight female form. The silver contrasted beautifully with her dark skin and he was sure the series would be a huge hit with his customers.

By the time the light was firmly lodged in her now open cunt, she had tears streaming from her eyes and he quickly snapped a few more picture to memorialize her first time. Then he set the phone down and cradled her against him, stroking her hair and comforting her. "shhh baby, the worst is over now. . Just relax and you will get used to the feeling. It is time for your reward, lets make you feel good again shall we?" He started lavishing attention on her budding breasts, kneading and licking them, talking to her inbetween about how she was going to grow into her woman hood and be just stunning. He then worked his way down her body until he was once again kneeling between her spread leg and he could once again lean in a taste her sweet nectar, using his mouth to drive her higher and higher until she finally broke free and tumbled down the other side, her body shuddering with her first orgasm. the flash light still firmly lodged in her now opened hole.

He snapped several more photos of her as she lay there, violated, and exposed, recovering from her body's first taste of feminine pleasure. When she finally started to move, he helped her to her feet and handed her the violin she used. "Time for your lesson! You definitely earned it today Nevaeh! Now I want to see you using good form! The fact that your very personal female space is still stuffed full is no excuse my girl! Now lets hear you play what you learned last week" He told her as he continued to snap photos of the slim dark naked girl, standing with her legs spread slightly apart to make room for the foreign object that was still splitting her open. She began to play and he continued to take pictures, enjoying the sight of her and admiring her ability to concentrate on her craft.

The lesson lasted almost an hour, and he barely managed to get her cleaned up and dressed again before his mother showed up from work, ready to give the girl a ride to her home. " see you next week Nevaeh!" he said to her, hugging her tight before she walked out the door to climb into his mom's car.

He spent his evening uploading and viewing all the photos, picking the best of the series to add to his dark net site. He sent out teaser invitations, using the photos of her with her arms crossed and her jeans pushed down her thighs to let his users know that there was a new series they could purchase. he was quite pleased with the response as well as the tidy sum of money he made off the photo series.

Each week she would come home with him and as he set up the scene for the week, she would go to his room and undress. Sometimes he would have costumes laid out for her and sometimes the photo shoot would be just her. But each kept their promise. She did exactly what he said and never breathed a word to anyone and he continued to teach her to play until she was quite accomplished.