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Trixie's Big Case Chapter 8: Showdown at Whiteboy Hotel

2022-10-03 00:03:01


Chapter 8

Entrapment at Whiteboy Hotel

Naked and sticky Agent Trixie Daniels woke in Monobo’s strong dark arms, the smell of sex and pussy filled the air as did the chirping of various songbirds. The morning sun was temporarily blotted out as Trixie’s big African companion bent down to kiss Trixie good morning, a gesture which she met with an open mouth and eager tongue.

“Good morning, my white angel”, Monobo whispered to the naked white whore next to him, Trixie’s eyes opened and her hand immediately went to her little white pussy as Monobo laughed.

“Do not worry leetal one yo pussay is safe”, the lounging African snickered and the blonde girl frantically checked her tight lady parts which were...still tight, she exhaled relieved, then the dainty white agent stood up and stretched her tiny 4’11” pale body, her A cup titties almost disappearing as she stretched her skinny arms and looked around her at the aftermath of the amazingly sexy Omalley Pool party.

The well manicured courtyard was littered with naked black men lying in various positions some sporting magnificent erect black poles as they slept no doubt tired from fucking Tammi and her friends all night. Speaking of Tammi where is that slut?, Trixie thought. Near the tables were each of the four breeder girls each one passed out on a bed of black studs their 18 year old bellies each securely fertilized with potent strong black sperm.

Scanning around the yard as Trixie staggered back to the main house she saw Randy’s lifeless body face down in a pool of blood gathered around his waist, his white boy balls were hanging out of his perforated pink scrotum his muscled white ass pointing in the air, his anus gaped and red with dried blood. Did they fuck him to death? The white girl wondered as her little pussy churned at the thought of black studs pounding this white pig's ass till he died, a proper end to a white boy. Trixie laughed as she noticed that of all the flies gathered around the thick white body’s dead body there were none crawling on his flaccid little white pecker. “Even the flies wont touch a white boy dick”, the blonde giggled as the kicked the lifeless white jock with a THUD, causing the white boy’s last spurt of cum to shoot out, Trixie gagged and jumped back to a familiar laugh.

In the distance Trixie could see Tammi walking down the stairs a new white boy on her expensive chain. Trixie noted this white boy was very different from Randy. He was smaller maybe 5’7” and hairy, even his back and ass, he was in decent shape but, Trixie couldnt believe her eyes, his little white penis was uncaged!

“Relax!”, Tammi laughed as she walked up to Trixie and observed her friends alarm at the new dog’s lack of a proper cock cage.

“Youre just gonna let him be out like that?”, Trixie asked her slutty friend, “I mean look what happened to your last white boy”, the agent scoffed as she pointed at Randy's dead body.

The new dog crawled to Randy’s corpse sniffed around a bit then lifted his legs and peed all over his owner's former pet. Tammi laughed and called her dog to her.

“Come come Timtim! Mommy and her friend need to go shower”, the chubby redhead scolded as her dog ran to her side, yipping the while way.

“Timtim?, Trixie scowled, “he’s so ugly.”, the blonde said as the smaller white man yipped and shook his tiny 2 inch penis, barely visible through the dog's hairy man-bush.

Tammi laughed at the naive agent, “That’s better for a white boy...even back when it was acceptable for whities to breed guys like Timtim didnt get any pussy...he’s much better behaved than ex-alphas like Randy”, said Tammi as the grounds crew zipped Randy up in a body bag.

“Did I miss anything else?”, Trixie asked as she struggled to keep up with her longer legged friend.

“Well, Laura wound up in the hospital with internal bleeding, one of the bulls must have been too big for her little pussy”, Tammi said with almost no concern, “honestly I hope she can bounce back cuz if word gets around she cant handle black cock…” Tammi voice trailed off ominously. Both girls were silent thinking about what Laura’s fate could be.

Tammi recovered first and smiled down at Trixie “but relax”, she said, "theres a hot black man here to see you, he says he’s BNWO secret police as well”, the big boobed rich girl continued as Trixie’s mind raced trying to think who the mystery man could be as the two arrived at Tammi’s large and opulent bedroom.

The two white girls walked into the room and Trixie noticed 5 wait, 6 naked black studs lying strewn around Tammis room as if they were toys for her amusement. As the two crackers walked past the black kings one lifted up and said “Gimme dat pussy hoe” to Tammi who replied kindly, “Let me shower first Leon” as she led Trixie to her walk in shower and turned on the powerful hot jets.

The two sticky and tired white whores met under the steamy water enjoying the feel as the hot liquid washed the dried caked cum off their sexy white bodies. Trixie took this opportunity to lather and wash Tammi’s amazing pendulous breasts stopping to gently kiss the redheaded whore’s giant spade tattoo that covered a good portion of her left titty.

After they were once again presentable to black studs Tammi reached up and turned off the water, tongue kissing the tiny blonde as the water stopped coming down on the two wet white hoes. “Nobody fucked your little blonde pussy last night,” the slutty white girl bragged, "Now you can go find my sisters”.


Trixie began to scramble putting on her clean clothes, pulling on her tight white tube top and pulling up her little pink skirt...a quick look in the mirror, she was meeting a black man after all, then a peck on Tammi’s meaty red cheek and the agent ran toward the door. Tammi reached out and grabbed her skinny arm looked at the tiny agent with tears in her green eyes and said, “please save my sisters Agent Daniels…”

Trixie broke her stride walked back to Tammi and kissed her slutty red lips deeply, the two beautiful white women’s pink tongues dancing in their hot mouths.

SMACK! the sluts’ wet mouths separated with a wet sound, “Theyre as good as home”, Trixie told her whorish pal as she left the room. Tammi stood up and walked over to Leon whose black cock was standing rigid as he snored loudly, Tammi sank to her knees and said “Wake up baby”, as she lowered her horny mouth to the sleeping black man’s turgid cock.

The small blonde hustled around the big unfamiliar house until she ran past a large room and a commanding deep voice called out, “IN HERE SLUT”. Trixie froze in her tracks as any trained white whore with sense would do having heard an order from a black man. The agent thought for a second then turned around and poked her platinum colored head into the theater room.

“Yeah you dumb white whore in here”, the unfamiliar but clearly black voice repeated. Not one to question any black king the tiny white girl sheepishly walked into the room where she noticed two black men seated in matching chairs while Samantha Omalley knelt between them. Both black men were attractive to the horny white agent but the younger one, the one talking to Trixie, was hands down the most gorgeous man Trixie had ever seen. 6’5” and dark as night the man sat with his powerfully muscled black thighs parted as Mz Omalley sucked the black men off in alternate fashion, the matriarch of a wealthy white family, a simple cumdump for these black gods.

The older, more elegantly dressed gentleman addressed the frazzled agent, “Hello agent, my name is Jon but you may call me Master Omalley, understand?”, the calm older man explained to the tiny blonde woman as Samantha Omalley, his slutty white wife gobbled his 11 inch black cock on the theater’s stage.

“A black man spoke to you Agent what do you say”, the strange black man asked the white slut who was still adjusting her tiny tight uniform.

“Sorry sir I---nice to meet you Mr Johnson would you like me to help your wife? I--”

“No my dear wife has things”, the black man paused to enjoy his beautiful wife's fervent suction then continued, “well in hand...this is Agent Stryker Trixie...he’s one of your fellow agents and hes here with some information that may help you find our poor daughters”, Samantha Omalley pulled her mouth off of Jon’s firm black rod with a wet “POP” and immediately placed Stryker's incredibly thick 13 inch cock in her mouth after taking it to to hilt in one motion.

What white girl would ever leave this place?, the agent wondered as Stryker began to face fuck the Omalley matriarch. The elegant mother was now just a cock holster for this big black stud as her husband Jon watched on. Samantha gagged and choked on the unfamiliar black member but she never broke her impressive rhythm desperately craving Stryker’s heavy virile load to flood her throat and stomach.

“Wake up bitch”, Stryker yelled snapping the blonde girl out of her BBC trance, “we found the location of the sisters and this so called “white bull”,” the sexy black man groaned as Samantha's wet tongue worked his engorged purple cock head before switching back her her husband’s impressive black dong.

“Wait, you found Alice?”, the agent asked with a smile, “we’ve been looking for two weeks I--” Stryker stood up, his hard wet black cock dripped from his precum and Samantha’s white girl slob. The black agent was in peak physical condition and even through her fear Trixie was becoming very aroused. Stryker reached out with his strong black hand and placed it firmly around Trixie’s thin neck choking her.

Trixie’s little pink pussy became wetter than she ever thought possible when Stryker gripped her little frail neck, She couldnt breathe but her pussy felt so good she wasnt sure if she wanted to. After about 15 seconds Stryker released the tiny girl then wiped his hands on his shirt. “You shut the fuck up when black men are talkin slut”, Trixie didnt reply just stared down at the floor. He was right, it was not her place to speak when kings were conversing.

Stryker returned to his seat on the theater stage and was greeted by Mz Omalley’s warm mouth as she took his huge black cock back into her mouth. “GYUCK GYUCK GYUCK” the white women worked this sexy black agents long thick rod as the alpha male held eye contact with the slutty little junior agent.

“To answer your question hoe, no, we didnt find Alice”, Stryker paused and watched Trixie’s face drop even more, “we found Sara.”, he concluded as Trixie’s expression went from one of dismay from one of hope.

“That’s great whats the---”, Trixie caught herself and stopped talking when Stryker locked his hard dark eyes on her.

Stryker leaned back in his chair giving Mz Omalley easy access to his tight black ass, an invitation the 50 year old MILF ran into face first, tonguing and lapping at the black agent’s smelly anus. Samantha continued to clean the black man’s ass as he explained the situation to Trixie. Raising his big black hand he pointed a clicker at the theater screen a seedy hotel appeared on the screen. “Sara’s here at the Motor Inn, in one of these rooms. Sara and at least six other white girls are each in a different room with this clown…” Stryker hit the clicker again and a shirtless white boy appeared on the screen. Trixie turned away and held back her natural reaction which was to gag at the sight of a disgusting white pigboy.

“Now, she went willingly but unauthorized white breeding is still illegal so we’re gonna have to hit the joint but we wanna catch this sissy in the act, thats where you come in”, the chiseled black agent continued as he relaxed his legs and sat back down, Samantha moved back to Jon’s prodigious black dick, slurping and bobbing her experienced mouth filled with Stryker's stiff ebony rod, strands of drool and precum dripped from the Omalley matriarch's tight mouth.

Trixie’s heart sank, “Oh God you dont mean---”, the white girl blurted out then covered her mouth not wanting to get choked again, though she did KINDA wanna get choked again.

Stryker leaned his head back and let out a jeering laugh, “Thats right hoe, you gotta fuck this so called “White bull”, Stryker said, “we need dick in pussy for this to stand up in court, not just a jack off or blow job. Here’s what you’ll be workin with hoe.”

After another click the screen was filled with a revolting white boy penis from multiple angles. Trixie threw up at the disgusting display of weak pink flesh. After she regained her composure she locked her blue eyes back on the domineering Stryker as Mz Omalley started furiously pumping her husband’s long black cock, the older black man spread his legs and threw his head back, Trixie knew he would pop soon.

“Get ahold of yourself slut”, Stryker ordered, “in 2 hours we are gonna be at the hotel and youre gonna be in a room seducing this white boy for our hidden cams to catch him in the act you understand bitch?”, Stryker leaned forward and glared at Trixie his dark eyes locking on her blue one making her little pussy ache for his monster cock

“OH---OH Sammie….OH BABY IM CUMMMMMMING!”, Jon yelled as his white wife clamped her experienced white mouth around his ejaculating black cock sucking down every last drop before kissing the slimy purple head then moving back to Stryker’s big black tool. Trixie was shaking, her little A cups trembling under her tight tube top, I havent fucked a white boy since basic training, the whore thought to herself, and at least we get to train or snuff those worthless white piggies, the whore frowned as she stared at the floor.

“Yes you might have to fuck that tiny white boy, slut”, Stryker said guiding Samantha Omalley raven haired head up and down onto his cock forcing it down all the way until the 50 yr old mother gagged and released the slimy black organ. The elegant white woman simply gathered her spit and placed it on Stryker’s black cock, using her sputum as lube on the black agents cock.

“Yes sir...I wil let this…”, Trixie looked up at the screen to study the “Bull’s” small pink pecker, it had to be maybe 6 inches but probably closer to 5. The blonde girl held back her stomach from puking even more black semen out on the floor at the thought of letting a grotesque white penis into her tight pussy,

“HNNNNH HHHHHHHHHNNNNNH”, Stryker held Mz Omalley’s black haired head all the way to his root as his black cock pumped his potent seed down the MILF’s throat. Slowly he pulled his wet creamy cock out of Samantha cock hole leaving saliva and cum hanging from his twitching black organ. “Be outside in 2 hours trap,” said Stryker as the tall black man waved his massive member near Mz Omalleys open mouth, the old whore catching as much of his black man juice as she could hoping to not miss a single drop.

“May I clean you cock sire?”, the little agent asked completely smitten with the aggressive black alpha.

“You can clean me girl.” Jon replied as Samantha nodded in approval, “bring your pretty pink mouth here white girl”, said Jon as he waved his soft but still cum soaked cock at the trained white agent. Without another world the tiny temptress got on her hands and knees and crawled onto the stage ending her quest directly under Jon's big black cock which she took into her mouth using her little pink tongue to clean it completely, swallowing every drop she could recover from the old man’s black rod. “Clean yourself up and get ready for action slut,” Stryker order as he pulled up his pants, “we’re outta here in 2 hours”, the black adonis stood up and walked towards the door.

“Thank you sir---”, the elegant Mz Omalley yelled as Stryker walked away, never even acknowledging the snooty white woman as the angry black man stormed out of the room.

“Jon what did I---I mean was he not happy with my mouth?”, the demure white matriarch asked he handsome black husband tears building in her eyes at the thought or failing to please a black man. Jon continued to allow Agent Trixie Daniels to suck and lick on his now flaccid black cock as he stood and motioned to his wife to come to his side. The brunette complied and embrace her black husband. Tixie stood up to leave as their black and white mouths became one in a lover’s embrace.

“No sweetie”, Trixie heard Jon as she walked away, “he just has to deal with so many horny white women he gets short with them sometimes….”, Jon’s voice trailed off the further away the blonde walked.That’s it! The blonde thought….as she ran back towards Trammi’s room thinking she would clean up with another quick shower.

Agent Daniels ran to Tammi’s gaudy room hoping to use her roomy shower facilities. The blonde agent checked her watch as she ran “OK slut you gotta be ready to meet Stryker out front in and hour and a half, dont waste time”, she muttered to herself as she swung open the bedroom door to be greeted by Tammi who was riding a big black cock while guttural grunts and moans escaped her thick red lips.

Trixie realized the big whore didnt see her walk in as her attention was clearly on the big black cock in her tight white pussy, so the agent tried to enter the shower without her noticing. The thin blonde girl tiptoed towards the bath as she discarded her clothes ready for her quick shower.

“BLACK COCK IS MY GOD!!! RUIN MY WHITE PUSSY MARCO!!!!”, Tammi screamed out as her titanic titties spun from their momentum. Marco was a light skinned black man but his long cock was darker than the rest of his body and his brown shaft and cum filled balls were wet and glistening with Tammi’s cream.

Agent Daniels came to, her mouth agape and watering thinking about cleaning off these two interracial lovers. “Focus slut!, the whore reminded herself as she opened the bathroom door to reveal the shower was already occupied with the 3 other black guys that spent the night in Tammi’s room and pussy.

The steam in the shower immediately formed a slick watery sheen over Trixie’s tight white body. The lathered up black men and soapy black cocks made her pussy wet as well. Her nipples were hard as rocks as the naked blonde agent walked into the large shower and stood under one of the many showerheads as the bathing black men starred.

“You need help hoe?”, a large tattooed black king asked the tiny blonde as he continued to lather up his semi-erect black dick, glaring at Trixie’s tight body with animalistic lust in his eyes.

Trixie just smiled and nodded as the turned her back to the black man so he could help her wash, ‘You wanna make sure this white girl is clean for my mission sire?”, she asked in her high pitched voice.

“Damn straight bitch”, the tatted thug smiled as he began soaping his big black hands, “no wash cloth Im gonna clean you by hand sexy...every pink nook and craney”.

“What about us?”, another asked as the tatted man started applying soap to Trixie's athletic wet body.

“Any black man may touch my body without asking sir”, the Agent made clear her big blue eyes yearning for more black men on her young body, “just dont penetrate me...I still have a mission to finish.”The 2nd black man smiled and signaled to the other stud who began smiling as his soapy black cock jumped in excitement as the black man recognized Trixie from the night before.

“Oh damn, I thought you was just one of Tammi’s hoe friends girl,”, the ebony adonis lamented dissappointed he wasnt allowed to fuck Trixie’s little white pussy, “So that means that coochie is off limits huh?”, he asked as he rubbed his stiff black member on the blonde girl’s lower back and tight ass leaving a trail of sticky precum.

Trixie turned and began jacking the nameless black man's cock off with her tiny white hand making sure to squeeze when her tiny digits reached his pulsing purple dickhead forcing multiple drops of the mans warm precum out of his massive bloated knob.

While the hot water from the shower ran down Trixie’s back she bent her head down and gently flicked the thick precum off the rock hard black dick in her hand. The blonde quickly noticed a crowd had formed around her so she sank to her knees to facilitate the inevitable blow bang. As her knees hit the wet tile her pussy lips spread open and began leaking her juice under her firm pale ass.

“Her pussy might be off limits but mine is open and waiting”, a voice from her left stated as Trixie turned to see Tammi’s big body walking into the shower, her saggy white tits swinging as she checked the water temperature, Her bull Marco joined her under the nozzle and kissed her deeply as the water cascaded onto the swirled couple. “You get those hogs ready for me and I will take care of em”, the chubby slut advised Trixie as the blonde girl throated one black cock while jerking off two others, her tiny white hands too small to grip fully around each thick black rod,

“MMMMMP!”, was the BNWO agent’s only reply, too invested in pleasing these black kings to hold a proper conversation. The platinum haired slag took the first black rod to the root pulled it out with a “BLOP’ as she sucked the bulbous head, a trail of precum and white girl slob lingered on her pink lips attaching them lewd back to this big black joint.

Without a second thought the white whore just switched to the next black dick in her reach, grabbing the ebony studs balls and drawing him closer so she could apply her full range of skills. White girls had a well earned reputation for pleasing black men and Trixie wanted to live up to that proud rep.

Marco’s big thick black rod was once again erect rubbing it on Tammi big milky white ass. The tall harlot bent over and placed her hands on the slick shower walls as Marco rubbed her sloppy well fucked white pussy. “Dont just rub it fuck me you black stud,” Tammi said to the sexy lightskinned black man.

Jesus how many black cocks does this whore fuck in a day?, Trixie thought as Marco pointed his thick brown babymaker directly at the rich white girls drooling shaved pussy and rammed his 9 inches of black meat into her in one rough move.

“GYUH!!!”, the redheaded whore moaned as her white pussy accepted the black monster, “Thank you sire”, the pale whore looked back as Marco smacked her big dimply white ass with a “THWACK!” after which Tammi let out a deep groan, her left ass cheek turning bright red after a few hard smacks from Marco’s strong dark hand.

Trixie noticed the three cocks she was focused on were all rock hard so she pulled hard on the black cock in her mouth as it came out of her suction with a “POP”. The blonde gazed up at this strange black man and motioned her head towards Tammi, who was now grunting and moaning, fully entranced by the black pole in her bald pussy. The big black man smiled and nodded as he motioned to his friends that they needed to move the party to Tammi’s wet twat and juicy white ass as the blonde finished washing up amidst her slutty friends screams of pleasure and the sound of big black nuts slapping against Tammi’s chubby pelvis.

It took the tiny agent 30 minutes to shower as she couldnt keep her little fingers off her clit. The white whore had rubbed out two orgasms as she watched her incredibly whorish rich friend defile her big beautiful body with four huge black cocks.“We gon’ flood yo white pussy slut”, the man inside Tammi’s pussy squelched as he rammed his coal black knob into her plump white cunt, Tammi was riding him as the other’s stood over her and jacked their powerful black cocks patiently waiting for their turns.

“One of you kings get in my ass!”, the thick girl panted as she rode her black stallion turgid bit, “if you wanna come inside me i want two at once. SOMEONE PUT A BLACK COCK IN MY ASS!”, she yelled, becoming more demanding as her next orgasm mounted.

Trixie turned the knob off on her shower and snuck quietly around the gangfuck of her slutty gal pal, regretting she wouldnt be there to help swallow all those hot black loads. As Trixie closed the door to the bathroom she heard Tammi exclaim “ITS IN MY ASS! THAT BLACK DICK’S IN MY ASSSS!!!!”

The agent closed the door behind her and noted how the sound of all that fucking completely dissapeared as soon as the door sealed. That hoe has a soundproof walk-in shower...she must fuck black studs all day every day the Agent thought completely jealous of Tammi’s amazing care-free black cock filled lifestyle.

“How could Sara and Alice ever leave this place?”, Trixie said outloud as she checked her watch, “Oh damn only twenty minutes till we leave, I gotta get dressed!”, she continued as she ran to her guest room and frantically got ready for her mission to seduce the alleged “White Bull”.

Quickly the young tight agent pulled on her tight jeans and a little halter top, checked her makeup but didnt have to do too much, It’s just a stupid white boy she reminded herself not really caring about the white pig’s approval just wanting to get this thing over with. Agent Daniels stepped back and looked at herself in the mirror then thought about what she was about to have to do and frowned. Her blonde tufted pussy had been wet since Monobo picked her up from the airport but her feminine parts were now bone dry thinking about sharing a hotel bed with a limp dicked white boy.

“You can do this girl!”, the dedicated black cock slut told herself in the mirror as she gazed into her own crystal blue eyes, “Put this white terrorist away and you can finally take some real dick again...and yeah save Sara and Alice and whatever…”, the blonde continued truly only concerned with having black loads back in her snug cunt. With one last look in the mirror Trixie smiled and walked out of the guest room, excited to meet back up with the sexy Stryker.

The motorcade was already teeming with activity as Trixie reached the long stairway at the front of Omalley Manor. “Please bring our babies back home”, Sandra Omalley pleaded as Agent Daniels passed the worried couple. Jon’s powerful cock was being stroked by the elegant white woman as her 2nd husband nuzzled her white neck.

“You’re late bitch,” Stryker blurted out as the blonde agent settled her perfect little ass into the SUV’s seat. Despite herself Trixie’s nipples responded to the senior agent’s scolding by straining against her crop top. The white whore checked her watch which read 2PM, she wasnt late at all! The blonde girl had had enough of Stryker’s attitude and decided to stand up for herself.

“What gives Agent Stryker?”, the tiny blonde peeps out her face pink with anger, “you havent given me a chance since I met you. Im an agent of the BNWO and my entire life has been dedicated to advancing the blacked way of life!”, the tiny girl snapped, “any black man has access to my body, it’s even gotten me in trouble with my black daddy the Chief! I suck white dick, ive fucked white dick, for black men’s advancement. I deserve some modicum of respect I---”

The white slut stopped yapping as Stryker pulled his hand back reminding her of her place in the Order she so proudly served. Trixie realized her mistake and bowed her head, “Im sorry sir...it’s just, im trying so hard to please you and you just dont seem to wanna give me a chance,” the pretty white girl sobbed as she threw her face into Stryker’s lap, noticing his rising black member.Stryker didnt have time for this white hoe’s sex games and pulled the weeping agent off his lap, shaking her until she stopped bawling, her big watery blue eyes full of tears as her mascara ran down her face.

“Im sorry sir…”, the emotional white girl squeaked as she tried to sniffle her tears back up and control herself, gazing into Stryker's angry dark eyes.

The black agent counted to ten and calmed himself. “Look hoe---Agent, Im a black man and youre a white woman. You know how much shit white women done put black men through?”, Stryker said staring into the recovering agent’s blue pools. Trixie nodded and wiped her filthy white face.

“Yes, sir I know we did so much bad but that’s one reason I work so hard to make sure whites dont---”, the apologetic white girl continued to argue her case but her dark coworker wasnt having it.

“You think suckin a couple brothas up makes you special bitch?”, Stryker said as he pulled his semi-hard black cock out of his tactical pants, shaking it at the young blonde a single bead of precum glistened at the tip, “you wanna suck this fat black hog right now dont you bitch?”, Stryker accused.

Trixie’s platinum head dropped as she paused to gather her thoughts, I cant lie to this black stud she thought, as she brought her tear filled blue eyes back up to meet the black man’s anger filled orbs. Without a word she just nodded. Of course I wanna suck it she thought, her mouth filling with warm spit.

Before she could even register his movement Stryker reached up and grabbed the back of Trixie’s head holding her bob haircut in his strong fingers pointing her face at the roof of the moving SUV. “If you wanna suck black dick then how the fuck is that a sacrifice bitch?”, the sexy black agent whispered forcefully into Trixie’s pale ear, “you fuckin racist?” her blonde pussy was soaked forming a wet spot in her tight jeans.

“No sir...I...Im not racist...Im so sorry I was outta line”, the little woman yelped as Stryker relaxed his grip on her pretty hair, “if...if you want can I please suck your cock sir? I promise to make you feel good…”, the blonde begged trying to make up for her mistake with her sexuality, fully expecting the black man to give in just like all the rest...Stryker pushed the girls head away from his swelling black rod and tucked his anaconda back into his pants with a glare. Trixie sat in shock as no man had turned her down in recent memory...except her black daddy the Chief.

“Nah hoe...we got work to do”, Agent Stryker said authoritatively, “cant get you all worked up about my cock when you gonna be dealing with this in a few hours”, the black man said as he handed Trixie a file labeled “White Bull Clan”. Trixie was still recovering from Stryker’s harsh but true words, she was simply a white whore for black pleasure, and his refusal of her slutty white mouth had the agent’s fragile white brain in a spin. Her little hand trembling she reached out and grabbed the thick folder. The agent gasped at what she saw….her training hadn't prepared her for this kind of depravity. The young agent’s face contorted as she flipped through the file, page after page of white, latina and asian girls in various stages of pregnancy, some even holding unauthorized babies!

“Those poor girls”, Trixie said out loud her heart filling up with regret at not being able to stop this white breeder earlier. She reached the file on the father of all these unfortunate unhealthy pink newborns.

“Thomas Brahma, AKA the ‘White Bull’”, Stryker sneered, “been holed up at a seedy motel in Oregon luring unsuspecting women in, some willing, most getting em hooked on drugs then knocking em up”, Stryker continued, “he follows that Norse fella, believes whites should breed etc...typical white terrorist” The pretty blonde agent threw the file to the side as she reached the close up shots of this so called “White Bulls” 6 inch pink dick. The poor girl could take no more, lest she throw up in the SUV.

After a few seconds Agent Daniels recovered and focused her blue eyes on the sexy black agent, “What do we know about the girls currently at the hotel”, she asked the toned black agent. The Senior Agent leaned back, the bulge in his pants still not completely settled, “16 rooms a girl in each room”, he sighed in concern, “16 poor girls getting white bred as we speak.”

“We gotta stop him!”, Trixie exclaimed

“We are baby girl”, the strong black man reassured the worried little blonde, “be on site in 3 hours thats when you intercept him, work your magic with that stanky lil pussy of yours”, the black stud said with a slight smile. Maybe this is just his way of flirting...maybe he doesnt just hate white girls Trixie thought, her pussy wet thinking of the power this black man generates when he hate fucks white sluts. “And the Omalley sisters?”, Trixie asked still frothing over the thought of Stryker’s 13 inches of black steel ripping away at her pretty pink pussy.

“They’re in there, one in each room”, Stryker informed the horny white agent, “your job is to intercept the “Bull” and keep him busy while our team rescues the girls”, Stryker smiled at the skinny agent sitting across from him as he handed Thomas Brahma’s mugshot to the blonde girl. Trixie’s face frowned as she looked at this alleged “Bull”. A skinny white punk, about 6’2” but scrawny with colorful tats down his boney arms. The moistness in her little pussy began to dry up thinking of what she would have to do with this...this white thing.

“By distract you mean…”, the little blonde asked her superior hoping for the best.

“By any means necessary agent”, the black agent scoffed, “even fucking him if it comes to that”.

“I---lets hope it doesnt come to that”, the young white girl said.

“Get some rest agent”, the domineering black man said, “you’ll need your energy before the days out, big white boy dick for dat ass”, he jeered at the concerned slut. Trixie just glared at him and tried not to think about eating his smelly black asshole, her pink mouth watering at the thought as she dozed off, her little white hand on her pretty pussy.

“Wake up slut, its go time,” Stryker shook Trixie awake, the whore had passed out in a pretty deep sleep due to the amount of black cock adventures she had been having, Trixie rubbed the sleep out of her blue eyes as she looked around at the staging area, naturally Stryker was in charge.

“Ok folks we have one white male, maybe a few others, in a mangy hotel half a mile down the road. These peckerwoods have hostages, some pregnant some not, most will be on some sort of drug”, Stryker continued to speak to the all black team of officers including medical staff in case a white boy needed immediate restraint and castration. God, Trixie hoped she could see a white boy get his little nuts removed today!

“16 women folks, 2 persons of interest in Sara and Alice Omalley, sources say both are pregnant their wombs polluted by this so called “White Bull”, Stryker’s words struck Trixie like a shot PREGNANT!? She thought...my God...no…Stryker waited for the murmuring about these terrible events to die down then raised his black hand for quiet, “Agent Daniels will be our point person as she will be entertaining Mr. Brahma while we extract his victims”, the black officers nodded towards Trixie, the black female officer did not acknowledge her at all.

“Alright people lets do this!”, Stryker said as the team loaded up in their convoy to take their locations for the planned ambush. Trixie started walking toward the hotel, the plan being to lure Thomas Brahma in with her looks, catch him in the act then say the magic word “Spaded” to cue Stryker’s team if she got into any trouble. She had to distract this white clown for at least 20 minutes and she certainly hoped she could avoid his pathetic white cocklette anywhere near her well trimmed blonde pussy.

About 15 minutes into her walk towards the hotel a pudgy white boy walking towards Trixie let out a whistle, the crafty agent held back her disgust at the fat white pigboy and waved back. “You headin to the White Boy Hotel?”, the disgusting pale choade asked the undercover BBC whore, his tight shorts showing a hint of his little white weewee filling with blood. How small oh my god Trixie thought holding her fake smile with all her might.

“Yeah hun, trying to meet up with the White Bull, he out that way?”, Trixie said with a twang, playing her role.

The obese white bastard had turned and was rubbing his tiny bulge, “Yeah he’s over there but I could take care of your pussy right now cutie,” the delusional white dog bragged. Trixie had to turn her head to hide her gag reaction thinking of searching through that fat white fucks overgrown pubic hair looking for his tiny white penis.

The young agent regained her composure and turned back smiling. “No thanks stud I...maybe later,” the skinny white trollop lied, “I came out this way for the White Bull to knock me up but you can have me after. Should I just keep walking this way sexy?”, she hoping the stupid honkey didnt see her true intentions.

The white boys tiny dingus pricked up to full attention no bigger than 3 wimpy inches based on the miniscule tent in his shorts, “Hells yeah sexy!”, the clueless white boy replied, “Tommy’s down that way you tell em Brian sent you and you’’l get right in. You gonna let me fuck you? Honest?”, the white boy said with less confidence than before.

Trixie nodded fast to hide her laughter, “Yeah sexy, once Tommy busts up my tight pussy I will come find you honey,” she loved playing with these filthy white boys emotions, setting them up for the big payback the BNWO officers had planned.

“Ok cutie see you later,” the fat white fuck said as he pulled on his pathetic member while he walked away. Trixie kept moving even faster, hoping to get to that damn hotel and get this horrible experience over with as soon as possible.

As Trixie reached the dilapidated hotel she began counting, one two...three...5 white boys hanging around outside. Her little stomach wretched, not since high school had the little white woman been around this many white losers. One by one the baby dicked poseurs attempted to talk to the determined agent but she knew her role and ignored them as she searched for Thomas Brahma AKA the “White Bull”.

Coming around a corner near the rusty soda machines the agent stopped in her tracks when she saw him, all lanky goofy 6’2” of him, the legendary “White Bull”, leaned up against a post talking to a seemingly disinterested latina girl. Trixie looked closer and saw the girl’s spade earrings and knew this white wimp didnt have a chance. A woman of action Trixie Daniels walked briskly up to the goofy white boy and got between him and his intended victim. The lanky white nerd stumbled his lack of coordination on full display. God hes probably an awkward fuck she thought her pussy as dry as a desert at the thought of his “technique”.

“Hey daddy”, the deep cover agent purred thinking of anything other than the white boy’s tiny 6 incher, “I hear you got a big one for all the horny sluts”, she continued looking up at the cracker’s ugly asymmetrical pock-marked face and holding in her extreme disgust, her tiny nostrils filling with the smell of white boy.

The cocky young white boy leaned back sticking his skinny waist and equally unimpressive member out for display, “yeah girl you know I got a big one,” he bragged as Trixie tried not to laugh, “6.5 big inches girl, thats why they call me the White Bull ya know”.

“Wait 6.5 inches?”, the cute latina girl giggled as she turned to leave, “you can have that little white pecker slut, my daddy Jamal wants me back home anayways”, she yelled over her shoulder as she walked away from Thomas.

“Yeah well tell that black bastard us white boys gettin pussy now, we repping bitch”, the moronic white boy yelled at the wise latina. You go girl!, Trixie thought as she pictured the girls firm brown ass riding up and down on on her daddy Jamal’s big black rod his full black nuts smacking her taught beige booty. Trixie’s pussy tingled as she ran after the black owned latina slut, grabbing her hand,

“Dont touch me hoe”, the sexy latina woman pulled her hand away from the strange white girl, “if you wanna fuck that white boy dont drag me into it”, the woman snarled as Trixie tried to calm the fiery girl.

“No sorry, its not like that...look”, Trixie explained in a voice Thomas couldnt hear, “go home and get your black daddy and bring him back here in about an hour. The BNWO PD bout to clean this shithole out”, Trixie concluded as she squeezed the brown woman’s hand.

The sexy latina woman looked at the blonde girl quizically, “You for real white girl?”, the black owned slut asked the thin honkey. Trixie responded by kissing the girl on her juicy lips.

“That answer your question?”, the blonde teased as she pulled back, “go home a suck off your bull, when you come back I want to taste Jamal’s jiz on that hot tongue”, the agent concluded.

The latina girl pointed at Thomas, “You guys deal with that shrimp dicked peckerwood and I’ll let you have more than a taste honey”, the brown girl said as she walked away, her spandex shorts riding up her jiggly thick ass. Trixie gulped knowing that the hardest part was ahead of her as she smiled and turned back to the goofy white boy. “Hey stud you ready to fuck?”, the wiley agent asked, “I been needing that big white dick daddy,” she lied, holding back the bile in her throat.

The “White Bull” leered at the thin blonde then smiled, his teeth were yellow from cigarettes, “Yeah hoe you think you ready for this big dick?”, he said with an undeserved cockiness only a clueless white boy could muster. Trixie’s fertile white pussy was dry as sand as she continued to lure this doomed white loser to his fate. The petite girl grabbed the cracker’s crotch and searched until she found his little baby dick. SHIT! This may not even be 6 inches she thought as she faked a smile and noted it was also, unsurprisingly, not very thick.

“Take me to bed daddy, show me what a big white dick can do to the little blonde pussy”, the devious white girl begged, “I want you to give me a white baby, please”, the agent’s eyes started welling up which got the “Bull” moving.

“OK slut imma show you what I got lets go to my room”, said Thomas pulling on his inferior pink dick perhaps hoping it would grow before his baggy pants dropped.

Trixie followed behind him and tried to keep the "bull" in the dark, “target en route,” Trixie whispered into the hidden mic in her crop top, ‘give us at least 20 minutes agent”, came the reply from Stryker. Trixie knew what she had to do, she had to keep this pig boy distracted while her fellow agents saved all these white boy’s innocent victims. Her stomach was in knots.

The “White Bull” closed the door behind them and immediately began running his clumsy white hands over Trixie’s tight young body. The agent grabbed his hands and said “Slow down there sexy, let me freshen up for you first”, trying to buy time to avoid white boy sex, the worst thing a BBC slut could think of. The snaggle toothed white mark pulled back and slapped her tight ass, “Whatever hoe, hurry up tho I gotta get to my other bitches”, the clown said pulling off his shirt to show off his ridiculous farmer’s tan and wimpy concave chest. Trixie pecked him on the cheek and ran to the restroom.

“Just 19 more minutes agent”, she said pumping herself up to complete the mission. Trixie removed her shorts and looked at her ass, worried the white imbecile may have marked her creamy backside. She smiled relieved the dickless honkey had been too weak to leave a mark.

Trixie “freshened up” in the locked bathroom for ten minutes until she heard the white boy yelling about “wanting to ruin her little pussy and show them black boys how to fuck”. Trixie laughed out loud at the white boy’s future...he had no idea. Sensing the urgency of his mood the agent made her move. “Go bag him slut,” Trixie ordered her reflection.

The restroom door burst open and there stood Agent Trixie Daniels in all her sexy glory. 4’11 and thin her body was tight and glistening with a light sheen of girl sweat. She had left her crop top near the opened restroom door in order to distract Thomas with her perky A cups, but also to facilitate the use of her magic word “Spaded” which would trigger Stryker’s team.

“You ready for this big dick bitch?”, the gangly white boy asked the unimpressed white girl waving his rock hard 6 inch dick with a big dumb smile on his face. Trixie just nodded and joined him on the bed. “Go head and suck this hog hoe,” the pindicked choade ordered, as Trixie froze. Thomas got frustrated at the momentary lapse and in typical white boy fashion blurted out “I said suck it bitch!”, and forced Trixie’s little mouth onto his pathetic little cock. Trixie’s stomach reacted naturally and began reguritating her last few meals onto the scrawny pink member, lucky for her all she had eaten in days was black men’s cum so the stupid whitie thought he had hit her gag reflex.

“Uh-oh! Too much for ya girlie? Told ya us white boys got game!”, the poseur bragged. Trixie was counting down the minutes until she could trigger Stryker’s trap as Thomas reached his greasy white hand down to Trixie’s blonde pussy. “Damn girl what’s wrong with you? You dry as a bone!”, the white fool asked not getting the hint. My pussy dont get wet for white boy dick the agent thought as she realized she could use this to her advantage and turned the tables on Thomas.

“Well you gotta eat it daddy”, the agent hummed, happy for an excuse to take Thomas’ disgusting white peepee out of her pink mouth. The rancid taste of caucasian precum turned her young stomach.

The couple switched positions to allow the “White Bull” to go down on Trixe’s dry pussy. Just a few more minutes hurry up the desperate blonde girl thought as the pale dipshit fumbled his clumsy pink tongue over her precious BBC only pussy. The agent had done the right thing and grown her pubes out, hiding her BNWO PD ID tattoo.

Trixie closed her eyes as she white boy put his filthy, undeserving mouth on her perfect tight white pussy. The disheveled white clod lapped and and licked but no amount of white boy work was going to change the fact that BBC owned sluts cant get wet for honkies. “Damn girl whats wrong with your cunt?”, the frustrated white boy remarked. Im educated and been fucking superior black cock since high school the disenchanted blonde agent thought to herself as she counted down the minutes until her inevitable rescue.

Agent Daniels looked down grinning as the oblivious white boy continued to try to spit-start her parched pussy black owned young twat. Knowing the time was close to arriving the blonde set the final piece of her trap looking up at the “White Bull” with her big blue eyes, “Maybe you should just fuck me daddy”, she said fluttering her long lashes. The “Bull” got excited at that, “Hells yeah bitch”, the still cocky honkey croaked as he placed his less than impressive member on Trixie’s clit. The feel of the inferior penis on her most sensitive organ made Trixie’s frown.

“Whats wrong girl?”, the dumb white piggie asked the beautiful white BBC slut.

“Nothing daddy”, she lied, “I just want you to kiss it one more time before you put your white baby in me, “ the blonde had him ensared and she knew it. The white pud bent down to kiss Trixie’s tiny dry pussy as she used her tiny fingers to gently ush her blonde pubes to the side revealing her Spade tattoo! Thomas opened his eyes and immediately fell backwards off the bed, “Hold up, hold up hoe---I---you---”, the gawky peckerwood stammered suddenly realizing the grave situation he had found himself in. He had just broken multiple BNWO laws in the presence of an official BNWO agent.

“Thats right dumbass!”, Trixie smiled as she sat up on the bed and yelled, “IM SPADED! Aint no white dick EVER putting their disgusting honkey seed in my fertile pussy. Black cock only bitch!”, Trixie reveled in the white boys confusion and anger.

“Imma kill you slut!”, the goofy white boy cried his little peepee still rock hard despite himself, “Imma kill you you little nigger lover!”, he howled as he lunged toward the naked agent. Trixie’s training kicked in as the jumped off the bed and grabbed an empty wine bottle “THONK” the bottle came down fast to the side of the skinny racist white boys head. Trixie’s pussy got wet for the first time in hours as the cracker grabbed the side of his head then fell over with a THUD, his tiny pink cocklette pointing towards the ceiling fan.

Trixie jumped off the bed reached into her bag and grabbed her taser pointing it at the bleeding white boy, “DONT MOVE CRACKER!”, the black cock whore yelled her finger ready to fire this pink piggie. Thomas sat up holding the left side of his head which was bleeding profusely, the blood running down his skinny body onto his still rock hard white penis. “Hoe you..what is happening I thought…”

“ZZZAP” the little blonde agent had heard enough from this inferior white “man”. The little woman squeezed the trigger and shot the tiny dicked white dude. Shutting him up for good while watching his body shake and shimmy, his tiny dicklette wriggling like a dying worm.

BOOM! The door slammed open as 5 black officers poured into the room. Stryker stood tall looking down at the still nude blonde girl who had just put away the state’s most devious white breeder.

The dazed and bloody “White Bull” came around a slurred his speech as he tried to stand on his weak spindly pale legs, “Hold up yall aint no thing it’s cool guys I didnt know she was with you nig---”, the racist white boy’s attempt at parlay is met by multiple burly black officers punches and kicks. The filthy white pig’s screams eventually stop and are replaced by painful moans as the once proud “White Bull” was on his back crying and moaning as his stiff pink weewee swayed in the air.

Trixie got off the bed and walked over to the beaten and bloody terrorist. The coldhearted blonde minx grabbed Stryker by his flax vest and open mouth kissed him in front of the wheezing white bitch, the tow agent’s tongues dancing outside of their mouths as Trixie’s pussy began dripping for the first time since she left Stryker’s side. “Good job agent”, Stryker said, “you saved a lot of girls today, the Omalley’s wanted to send their thanks,” he said for the first time seeming to respect his junior agent’s abilities and dedication.

The horny blonde didnt even register Stryker’s kind words as she noticed his black cock was beginning to rise in his pants. The tiny white girl took to her knees and pulled the black studs 13 inch cock out of his pants so the “White Bull” could watch this sexy white girl throat a giant black god cock. Trixie worked her little pink mouth up and down the sexy black man’s rod as her sweet spit and his nutritious precum fell down onto the tiny white penis of the so-called “White Bull”, who Trixie and the BNWO had reduced to a sniveling, shaking, wheezing scared little cracker bitch. The white cuck’s mind broken as he said nothing and just wanked his little pink cock using superior black precum and unattainable white girl slob to lube his worthless prick.

Stryker’s thick black 13 inch monster cock was too much for the tiny agent to deepthroat so she began sucking on the big purple cock head with a passion a loud “POP!” filled the destroyed white boys ears each time her platinum haired head jerked violently off the big black member.

The blonde agent swirled her quick little tongue around the black kings glands and pee hole scooping out as much salty thick black precum as her little mouth could muster. Slowly she pulled her pink lips off the dripping end of Strykers cock and made eye contact with her black superior as she placed her pretty white face inches from the horny white boy’s mouth.

“Naw dawg naw I dont do that man Im straight I mean…”, Trixie laughed knowing the white boy couldnt resist, his own raging 6 inch clit dick gave him away. The “White Bull” shook his head in protest but his soft moans told the truth, the white sissy wanted to swallow that gift of black seed.

“Shut up and open your mouth bitch,”, Stryker ordered the white boy, his hard cock still leaking thick ropes of sticky precum in anticipation of Trixie’s return.

“Yessir,” the defeated white boy whispered as he opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, his deepening moans indicated he was close to spiling his rancid white boy slop.

Agent Daniels placed both her thumbs on the sides of the thrashing white boys mouth and slowly dropped the big wet warm dollop of precum based gunk into the dirty white boys gaping jowls. The experienced agent had aimed perfectly and the gooey mass landed right in the middle of the masturbating honkey’s pink tongue.

“Hold it out hoe”, Strker commanded as the white boy began to moan louder, “you gotta hold my juice in yo tongue till you ready to nut. I want you to taste me when you bust hear me pig boy?”, the black adonis ordered.

His big hand jerking furiously on his lil pinkie dick the white boy began to squirm and moan, Trixie returned to her black gods big dick and was casually flicking her pointy pink tongue up and down the black stallions magnificent organ.

“Awwwww….I think the widdle white bull’s baby dick bout to pop for us...you gonna pop widdle boy?”, the evil blonde girl teased as she wrapped her perfect pink lips around girthy cum slinger. After a few attempts the skiny blonde had gotten 9 inches of his black monolith down her gullet when she heard Thomas cry out

“OHHHH-----GUH---GOOOOOOOD!!! IM IM IM CUMMING!”, the spasming white thing oinked as Trixie had to move fast to avoid get hit by his weak little spurt. The agent reflexively punched the criminal in his tiny pink balls, transforming any pleasure he was experiencing into intense pain.

“NO!”, the feisty white girl snapped, “you dont get to feel good anymore dog! You brought too many white lives into this world to keep that right. Now swallow this black mans precum pig!”, the agent said puling back her little fist again. A tear ran down the gaggin white boys face as he closed his mouth a swallowed the sticky salty mix.

“UNNNNH….UNNNH...UNNNNH…”, the white boy moaned as Trixie brought Stryker closer and closer to a real orgasm. Her platinum hair wet with cum and spit as she worked on his big black fuckpole.

“Hope you liked that appetizer you honkey sissy cuz here comes the main course”, the thrusting black titan grunted as his ebony cock exploded into Trixie wet waiting mouth. Her beautiful blue eyes burst open at the amount this black king’s balls were pumping down her throat. After 8 thick shots the blonde had somehow managed to catch all of it, though the greedy slut did swallow some for herself.

Her pale cheeks were fully distended as the flat chested white slut bent over Thomas' face. The white boy’s pink dicklette was rock hard a 2nd time, his mind having been altered to want what was happening to him. He looked up and opened his mouth without a single word. Agent Daniels opened her mouth and let the huge, white slimy load drop into the white boys waiting mouth.

Thomas lips closed around the glob of black mans cock snot and swished the salty load in his mouth. As he swallowed he realized he had been a fool to not want this earlier as his pink 6 incher involuntarily came a second time as he moaned and muttered about black cock.

Trixie pulled her knee back and brought it crashing into the still sensitive