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Sexy BFFs Chapter 11

2022-12-06 12:33:32

Five sets of lips pulled away from a gooey sloppy kiss and five moans echoed through the clearing as ropes of goo, spit and cum slid from five creamy sets of lips and tongues. This time Missy grabbed a hold of Jenny's skimpy top and gently pulled her lips towards hers. Tory and Rose pushed Gracie down in the center of the mat on her hands and knees. Missy's creamy wet tongue slipped into Jenny's still gooey mouth and their tongues met. Jenny's eyes fluttered into the back of her head as Missy's tongue tasted hers. Tory flipped Gracie's micro skirt up and began running her massive she cock up and down the crack of her tight ass. Rose took Gracie by the chin and lifted her head upwards before slowly sliding her still dripping she cock between her wet lips into her sloppy mouth. A low soft moan oozed from Gracies mouth as she felt Tory's girl cock penetrate her hole and at the same time Rose went balls deep into her mouth and began softly thrusting. Tory slowly slid inch by inch into Gracie's pussy, pulled all the way out and finally slid all her nine inches into her already quivering cunt. Jenny and Missy continued passionately kissing, licking and sucking on wet lips hands sliding up and down each others creamy bodies.

Tory picked up the pace and began fucking Gracie harder and harder. Gracie could hardly keep in her moans as she lapped, licked and sucked Rose's beautiful lady cock. Gracie rocked back and forth on their rock hard clits as her mouth and pussy were fucked by Rose and Tory. Hearing Gracie's wet moans turned Jenny on like no other. She slid down Missy's body spending time to lick, lap, suck and softly nibble Missy's massive breasts. Licking her way down all Jenny had to do was flip up Missy's skirt to slide her creamy clit deep into her own gooey mouth in time with Gracie's hot moans. Missy let out a gooey moan of her own as she felt Jenny's lips and tongue on her cock and soft balls. Deeper and deeper Jenny took Missy's she cock into her mouth and her pace increased as she heard Gracie's moans become louder and wetter. Both Rose and Tory were balls deep inside her as they spit roast her. Gracie gagged, spit and drooled up and down Rose's gorgeous girl cock. Tory's balls started slapping on Gracie's ass and she grabbed her hips digging her sharp nails into Gracie's hips as she started to pound her without mercy. Rose's cock slipped out for a second as Gracie's screamed feeling Tory's massive cock frantically fucking her pussy and she spread even wider to allow greater access to her tight hole.

Jenny and Missy slid around into a sexy sixty-nine, their bodies writhing on the ground as each girl fucked the others mouths. Jenny slid a finger deep in Missy's ass making her moan like the dirty slut she was. Missy responded by slipping two wet fingers deep inside Jenny's cunt as they continued to slobber, lick and suck on each others rock hard girl cocks. Rose slid deep into Gracie's mouth and once again her and Tory rocked Gracie's body. Harder and faster they impaled her holes making Gracie babble incoherently. Gracie couldn't believe the feelings washing over her body as her mouth and pussy slid between two lady cocks. She began leaking uncontrollably as her body rocked back and forth on two she cocks. Gracie's own eyes rolled back in her head as Rose began spurting rope after rope of her sweet cream into her creamy mouth. As the spurts turned into dribbles now Tory began pumping load after load into Gracie's pussy. Tory pulled out abruptly and Gracie felt a warm stream of girly pee dripping down her tight ass. After finishing Tory lapped at her shuddering cunt licking up the sweet cream oozing from Gracie's cunt with the occasional dribbling of sweet girly piss. Tory and Rose flipped Gracie over laying her on her back on the soft blanket. Two loads of gooey girl spunk began oozing from Tory's and Rose's lips down to Gracie's open waiting mouth and tongue. Gracie pulled herself up to a sitting position to allow both Tory and Rose lick, suck and kiss the hot cream from her lips and tongue and the three girls pulled each other close to share another dripping, drooling cum filled sissy kiss.

By now Jenny and Missy were fist deep in each others tight pussies as each girl fucked each other's mouths with no abandon. Their bodies ground against each other and rolled around on the blanket eventually ending up on the soil below. Two creamy, sloppy mud covered bodies ground against each other as their she cocks slid in and out of each others mouths. Sweat, dirt and drool flew everywhere as the two girls rolled around on the ground paying no attention to what they were rolling on. Finally their bodies bumped against the legs of the picnic bench and at that moment both girls erupted into each others mouths and as spurt after spurt of girly cream filled their mouths both girls moaned lustily as sweet gooey girl spunk filled their hungry mouths. Gracie and Jenny let out another gooey moan as their bodies finally separated. Gracie could only lie prone on the blanket as she watched her sexy friends share a huge gooey, sloppy spunk filled kiss hands again sliding up and down creamy mud covered bodies.

Five spent, dirty, sloppy creamy girls crawled towards the blanket. Five gooey, creamy spunk filled lips and tongues met in the middle sharing an even sloppier kiss then before. A huge creamy load of the sweetest girl spunk flowed between their wet lips and tongues and snowballed between the five sluts. As the kiss intensified ropes of gooey spit were added to the already creamy mess before sweet sighs echoed through the forest as the girls swallowed goo, spit, cream and even a little mud.

The five sexy girls sat spent on the blanket for a few minutes before Missy crawled up to the bench grabbing five half smoked blunts and handed them around. Clouds of sweet smoke filled the air until the girls started blowing hits up and down each others sexy bodies, sharing hot kisses, hot hits of marijuana as their sighs and moans filled the night air...