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Twelve Days a Slave 9 of 13

2023-01-24 00:09:05

This is the story of a young woman’s conviction as a terrorist and what happens to her when she is sentenced to penal slavery. Penal slavery is not impossible. The Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments to the Constitution of the United States of America do NOTprohibit slavery. They only LIMIT slavery to punishment for crimes. In other words, the Constitution allows penal slavery.

After the woman is convicted, a “sentence negotiator” gets her sentence reduced to a public day of repentance followed by eleven days of public punishment. Following that, she is to serve one year of penal servitude.

This story deals with non-consensual punishment, pain, and involuntary slavery. If such topics offend you or upset you, I would advise skipping this particular book.

There are thirteen chapters to this story. The chapters can be read on their own, but the story is much better understood if the previous portions have been read. The complete story is full book length. I debated publishing it with some of my other books, but decided that I would rather serialize it and post it here.

A description of the thirteen chapters follows the end of each chapter. The seventh day for slave missy is a day for electro-punishment. Slave missy becomes part of the vidshow, “Wheel of Pleasure / Wheel of Pain.”

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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

If you are under the age or 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

Archiving and reposting of this story is permitted, but only if acknowledgment of copyright and statement of limitation of use is included with the article. This story is copyright (c) 2015 by The Technician.

Individual readers may archive and/or print single copies of this story for personal, non-commercial use. Production of multiple copies of this story on paper, disk, or other fixed format is expressly forbidden.

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Chapter Nine - Slave missy takes part in the vidshow, “Wheel of Pleasure / Wheel of Pain.”

Missy awoke to the smell of coffee. She looked around herself in confusion. She didn’t remember eating supper last night. And now she could smell coffee but could not smell bacon. As she slowly made her way to the front of the RV, William called out to her, “She lives!”

She gave him a weak smile.

“You forgot your towel,” he said. As she started to turn around to go back and get one, he called out, “I’ve got it. I put one out for you to use at supper last night, but I couldn’t wake you.”

She turned once more and stumbled into the kitchen. Once she was seated, he handed her a large cup of coffee and said, “This will put hair on your chest.”

She looked down at her hairless body and laughed. He then said, “Well, it will at least wake you up.”

He turned back to the stove and said over his shoulder, “Since you missed supper, I figured I should do steak and eggs this morning. I use a thin flank steak cut into small pieces and mix it into scrambled eggs. I started things when I heard you starting to stir.” As he set her plate in front of her he added, “It’s sort of my special occasion breakfast.”

“Is today a special occasion?” missy asked.

“Well,” William responded, “it’s not every day that you are a special segment on a vidshow game.”

“What show?”

“Wheel of Pleasure / Wheel of Pain,” he replied. “Not only are they sponsoring today, I locked in a guarantee of residuals so when it’s rebroadcast, we get a small percentage of the ad revenue.”

“Never heard of it,” she said. “How does it work?”

“Ah,” he said with a big grin, “that will be today’s surprise.”

When she pouted at him, he added, “Besides, there are four contestants who will go before you. By the time it’s your turn, you will know exactly what’s going on.”

About fifteen minutes later, both were finished and sipping their coffee. He gave a deep sigh and said, “Showtime. Time to grease up, lock up, mount up, and get moving.”

Missy chuckled slightly at his description of the morning routine, downed the rest of her coffee, and followed him out the door. There was a light mist in the air as they made their parade lap through town. It had become a light drizzle before they returned to the fairgrounds. Because there was no wind, with the large circle of plastic above her, missy stayed more or less dry even after she was hoisted up above the stage.

Looking around once she was in position, missy wondered why the stage crew was not busy setting up the equipment needed for today’s punishment. Then she noticed a large object of some sort sitting on stage right. It was covered with a heavy tarp which two of the stage crew were securing tightly to the stage floor.

Since there was really nothing to watch, she decided to engage in her morning routine of stroking herself to a pleasant state of arousal. Or, at least that was her intent, but shortly after she settled back against the bars, she fell fast asleep.

She was awakened by loud music and a cheering crowd. A male voice– not William’s– was yelling out a cheery greeting, “Welcome. ladies and gentlemen.”

The crowd cheered its response, and he screamed out, “Are you ready to play?”

Everyone was now on their feet, clapping in unison and chanting, “Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin...”

Speaking louder to be heard over the noise of the crowd, the voice continued in its professional announcer’s mellifluous tones as it said, “Time now for Wheel of Pleasure / Wheel of Pain.”

After a moment, two beautiful young blond women in glittering black dresses appeared on the very edges on stage right and stage left and motioned with their hands for the audience to be seated. When everything had quieted down, the announcer bellowed out, “And now welcome your host, Bobbie Barker.”

A tall, stunningly beautiful black woman, dressed in a glittery white dress walked out to center stage. She waved and smiled at the crowd as she made her way across the stage. Once she was in place the announcer voice boomed out again. “Our first contestants are Marcus and Leona McCleary from New Chicago. Let’s give them a big wheel welcome!” As they came out onto the stage, the crowd again cheered wildly until the blondes indicated that they should be quiet.

Missy had never watched a vidshow game being taped before. She suddenly startled as she realized that she had no idea what “taped” meant. Actually no one knew for sure what “taped” meant, but that was what they called it when they recorded the raw video for vidshows.

“Tell us a little about yourself,” Bobbie said pleasantly.

Leona, who was wearing a dark blue fuzzy robe of some sort– and apparently nothing else since she was standing barefoot on the stage– replied, “I work from home as a freelance memory cleaner. I connect to people’s devices and remove redundant and unnecessary programing.”

“Aren’t there bots to do that?” Bobbie asked.

“Yes, there are,” Leona replied with a smile, “but as we all know, those bots often remove programs we would like to keep, and leave others that we really don’t need. After all these years of progress, you still can’t beat a human brain sifting through your memory.”

“Well,” Bobbie said, moving her microphone over to Marcus, “that is about as close to a plug for a business as they will let us do. So, Marcus, where do you work?”

Marcus, who was dressed in a pair of black slacks and a light blue polo-style shirt, replied, “I’m a coordinator for traffic control devices. Some cities have gone to full electronic control, but New Chicago learned long ago that when the shit hits the fan, it takes a human to make the acceptable decision.”

“Meaning, no matter how bad the traffic gets, the mayor gets home on time,” Bobbie said with a laugh.

“Or to lunch,” Marcus added, also laughing. “Some of the old Chicago ways have carried over into New Chicago.”

“Let’s see,” Bobbie said, “if those old... or New Chicago ways can make you a winner on our wheel today. I assume that Leona will be in the restraints and Marcus will be spinning the wheel. Is that correct? ”

“Yes, it is,” the McCleary’s answered together.

“Then let’s get Leona in place,” Bobbie said in an excited voice, “And then we can spin the wheel.”

Leona dropped her robe to the floor to reveal her naked body. There were already a number of black electrodes stuck to the skin. There appeared to be rows of black squares about every four inches all the way down the outside of her body, beginning just under her arm pits. A similar row began on both insides of her legs just below her crotch. In addition there were a half-dozen or more electrodes on her abdomen and another half dozen or more on her ass. It almost looked like she had pasties over her nipples as something was covering the front of her tits. The wires hanging down from the pastie-like patches, however, identified them as electrodes.

She was also wearing what, at first, appeared to be a small, black leather thong which had wires dangling from it. Regular viewers of the show knew that it was actually a dildo harness which kept combination vibrator / electrode dildos in place in her cunt and ass.

Just to stage right of center, a large, square restraint frame had been set up. She stepped between the uprights and raised her arms so that the crew could fasten the cuffs around her wrists. Then, spreading her legs as wide as she could, she watched as they fastened similar cuffs around her ankles. There was a loud clicking noise as the upper chains were tightened, drawing her body taut between the posts.

A young man from the production crew stepped forward with a bundle of wires in his hand and began to connect them to the various pads and electrodes. It was several minutes before all the pads were connected. All the while he was working, a cameraman looked over his shoulder, zooming in on the various parts of Leona’s body that were being connected. After the pads were connected, the technician picked up a long cable and connected wires from it to the vaginal and anal dildos. Reaching into his tool case, he took out a ball gag and strapped it in place. It was the type with a hollow ball with many holes in it, so she would still be able to breath through her mouth if necessary. The last thing he did was to put a bright orange tennis ball in each of Leona’s hands.

Stepping back, he inspected his work, looked up at Bobbie who was standing nearby, and said, “We’re ready to play.”

Bobbie returned to the center of the stage where Marcus stood waiting alongside the ten foot high wheel which gave the show its name. She looked out at the crowd and said, “A lot of that will be edited out before broadcast.”

She turned as said something to the crew that missy couldn’t hear. Her voice became much louder as she then faced the audience and almost shouted, “Leona is ready. Marcus is ready. Are you ready!?”

Once again the cry of “Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin,” echoed through the arena.

After a few moments, the sideline ladies once again quieted the crowd and Bobbie said to Marcus, “Are you ready to spin?”

He answered, “Yes,” and she replied, “First, we need to make sure you understand the rules. The wheel is divided into twelve segments. Four segments are labeled “Pain” or “Pleasure.” Four are labeled “Moderate Pain” or “Moderate Pleasure.” And four are labeled, “Extreme Pain” or Extreme Pleasure.” She pointed to each type of segment on the large wheel as she spoke.

“Each time you spin the wheel,” she explained, “the amount you can win goes up, but so does the duration of the pulse cycle. If, during the pulse cycle, Leona drops one of her safety signals– or orgasms– the game is over and you win nothing. You will have an opportunity to stay or leave before each spin, but once the wheel starts spinning, you... or at least Leona... is committed for that round. Our first spin is for $5000. The pulse cycle is five seconds. If you are ready, Marcus, spin the wheel.”

Marcus rotated the wheel slightly upward and then pushed down with all his might. The crowd again began their chant of “Spin, spin, spin, spin...” while the pointer clicked from segment to segment and lights flashed around the outside of the wheel. As the wheel began to slow down it clicked through “Extreme Pleasure” and then “Extreme Pain” before finally stopping at “Pleasure.”

Almost immediately, Leona began wiggling in her restraints. Lights mounted around the outside of the frame flashed as pulses raced across her skin and the dildos in both her cunt and her ass vibrated softly. A large display above her head counted down the seconds by tenths of a second. When it reached zero, she gave a soft sigh and stood silently between the posts.

“That was an easy five thousand,” Bobbie said. “You can take your five thousand and go home, or you can spin the wheel for an additional ten thousand dollars. Remember, this time the pulse cycle is increased to ten seconds. What do you say, Marcus?”

He looked over at Leona standing between the posts. Her body was shiny with sweat, but she was nodding her head. “I’ll spin,” he replied as he once more lifted upward on the wheel before pushing downward with all his strength.

Many in the audience softly chanted, “Spin, spin, spin” as the wheel rotated rapidly around, the clicker snapping from segment to segment. Watching from above, missy noted that the wheel was arranged so that you always went from something good to something bad. The pain segment always followed pleasure segments, so you went from Pleasure to Pain, from Moderate Pleasure to Moderate Pain, and of course, from Extreme Pleasure to Extreme Pain. You could also say, however, that Pleasure always followed pain because the segment after Extreme Pain started the sequence once again with Pleasure.

The wheel slowed. It clicked through Extreme Pain to Extreme Pleasure. It was almost stopped but still had just enough movement to click one last time. The pointed vibrated over the very beginning of the Pain segment.

Leona immediately began dancing in the frame. Her body was jerking and twisting. No actual scream was able to come out through the ball gag, but her grunts were very loud. Missy noted that the woman’s grunts corresponded to the flashing of the lights around the outside of the frame. She also noted that the lights were flashing much brighter than the first time.

The clock slowly counted down from ten. With about four seconds left, the bound woman stopped grunting and began a loud, continuous wail which sounded almost like a siren in the distance. Finally the clock said zero and the lights quit flashing. Leona was now dripping sweat and breathing very heavily.

“You now have fifteen thousand dollars,” Bobbie gushed. “And you have a decision to make. Do you walk away with the fifteen grand... or do you risk that against an additional twenty thousand dollars!?”

Marcus looked over at his wife to see if she nodded her head yes or shook her head no. She did neither, but was rather hanging limp in her restraints.

“I remind you,” Bobbie said in a measured tone, “that if Leona drops one of her safety balls during the twenty seconds, you lose everything.”

Marcus replied, “I’m not sure. We had agreed that we would go to at least thirty-five thousand dollars, but she doesn’t look so good.” He took a deep breath and held it in for a moment. Then he slowly exhaled and said, “I’ll spin.”

Again the wheel started out spinning very rapidly. As it slowed and began clicking through its final segments, a low “Oooohhhhh” came from the audience. They could see where the wheel was likely to stop. It clicked through Moderate Pain and then through Extreme Pleasure. It looked like it would also pass through Extreme Pain, but it just didn’t have enough momentum to click the clicker. It stopped with the pointer resting on the division between the segments.

“Ouch,” Bobbie said softly. Marcus stared at the wheel in shock.

Leona, meanwhile, was grunting and thrashing wildly with each pulse. The lights around the frame were flashing very brightly. Lights on the front of the pasties as well as lights which appeared to be on the ends of the dildos also began to flash. Apparently those electrodes activate only in the Extreme Pain segment.

The clock began it slow countdown from twenty. It read fourteen point two when both bright orange tennis balls dropped from her hands.

“Ooooh, so sorry,” Bobbie said as she put her arm around Marcus’ shoulder. “That means you lose everything.”

Marcus started to stumble slowly off stage. Four crew members quickly unplugged Leona and, after releasing her wrist and ankle cuffs, more or less carried her off stage.

Bobbie looked out at the crowd. “Very few,” she began, “are able to endure the Extreme Pain segment.” She shrugged her shoulders and added, “But that is the risk you accept when you spin the wheel.”

She smiled warmly and then said, “This is, after all, Wheel of Pleasure / Wheel of Pain.” Looking up at one of the cameras, she added softly, “We’ll be back right after this word.”

Stage crew members rushed onto the stage to prepare for the next contestants. They mopped the area beneath the frame. Evidently Leona had lost control of her bladder. They also removed the leather cuffs from the restraints and replaced them with a fresh set. Once everything was ready, Bobbie walked to the center of the stage and stood facing the crowd. A voice said over the speakers, “Recording in three, two, one...”

The announcers voice boomed out, “Our next contestants are Harold and Cindy Zimmerman from Bend City, California. Let’s give them a big wheel welcome!”

The audience dutifully applauded as the couple walked out onto the stage. Cindy was wearing an almost skin-tight leather pencil dress that showed off the perfection of her body. She was also wearing knee high soft leather boots which perfectly matched the dress. Harold was barefoot and wearing a blue fuzzy robe.

Bobbie smiled at them and said, “Welcome to the wheel, Harold and Cindy. Tell us a little something about yourself.”

Harold looked down at the floor as Cindy spoke up. “We are both teachers in the Bend City school system,” she said cheerily. “Harold is able to stand a LOT of pain, so we think we have a really good chance of lasting the five spins needed for the jackpot.”

“Wow,” Bobbie replied. “I think you are the first couple ever to say right from the start that they were going for the jackpot.”

She paused and then said, “it’s pretty obvious that Harold will be in the restraints and Cindy will be spinning the wheel. Is that correct? ”

“Yes, it is,” the they answered together.

“Then let’s get Harold in place,” Bobbie said in an excited voice, “and then we can spin the wheel.”

When Harold dropped his robe, it was obvious that he was wired up much like Leona had been. The only difference seemed to be that the nipple electrodes were held in place with a wide band of elastic which went around his chest, and the dildo harness had a pouch in front for his ball sac rather than a vaginal vibrator / electrode. His prick, already slightly engorged, stuck through a hole in the harness.

He walked quickly over to the restraint frame and positioned himself in a big X. Soon he was cuffed in place with all wires connected.

Bobbie was standing with Cindy next to the wheel. “Are you ready to play?” she asked.

Cindy answered, “Of course.”

Bobbie explained the rules and then said, “Our first spin is for $5000. The pulse cycle is five seconds. If you are ready, Cindy, spin the wheel.”

The audience began their chant of “Spin, spin, spin, spin.” Cindy reached up as far as she could on the wheel and pulled down hard. The wheel spun very fast for the first revolution or two but rapidly slowed down after that. The pointer clicked past Extreme Pleasure and then Extreme Pain. It almost stopped in Pleasure, but had just enough momentum to click into the Pain segment.

Harold twitched slightly in his bonds, but did not cry out in any way while the clock counted down from five to zero.

“I told you he could handle pain,” Cindy said with a smile.

“Does that mean you want to risk the five thousand and spin for an additional ten thousand?” Bobbie asked.

“You bet your sweet ass,” Cindy replied.

The audience began their cadence of “Spin, spin, spin, spin,” and Cindy again pulled down with all his might on the wheel.

Once again the wheel started very rapidly but soon slowed almost to a stop as it clicked through Moderate Pleasure, Moderate Pain, Extreme Pleasure, and finally stopped in Extreme Pain.

Harold twitched and jerked in his restraints as the lights flashed on his anal dildo, his ball cage, and the chest band which held electrodes over his nipples. He did not cry out, but amazingly, as the clock counted down past the two second mark, his prick began to rise.

“He’s getting off on the pain,” missy said aloud from above. The same comment was heard throughout the crowd.

When the clock reached zero and all of the lights went dark, Harold hung limp in his restraints.

“You now have fifteen thousand dollars,” Bobbie gushed. “You can take that home with you right now... or you can risk it all and spin for an additional twenty thousand.”

She paused and gave a smirk to the audience, “Of course,” she continued, “that means that the countdown clock starts at twenty seconds. Do you really think Harold would be able to handle twice as much if it lands on Extreme Pain again?”

Cindy laughed and said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet. Harold can handle any amount of pain and never ever cry out.”

With that, she reached up and gave the wheel another spin even before the audience could begin their chant. It rotated several times before beginning to slow down. It clicked through Moderate Pleasure, Moderate Pain, Extreme Pleasure, and started to click into Extreme Pain. A loud, “Oooh,” came from the audience which changed to a “Ahhhh,” as the wheel rocked back leaving the pointer still in the Extreme Pleasure segment.

The lights on Harold’s body again came on, but this time they brightened slowly and dimmed slowly. The microphones directly above where he stood picked up the sound of the vibrator buzzing loudly in his ass.

As the lights faded in and out, very light electrical pulses traveled up and down Harold’s legs and abdomen. He was again moving in his restraints, but this time he was not thrashing, he was almost dancing in ecstacy. As the clock slowly counted down the seconds from twenty, Harold began writhing more and more in time with the pulses. And as he moved, his prick rose higher and higher.

Soon the crowd was buzzing as people pointed out Harold’s increasing erection. Then the crowd began counting down final seconds, “Nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three...” At three the crowd came to their feet cheering. Harold had lost control and spurted wildly out onto the stage.

Cindy was screaming epithets at him as they were both led off the stage. Bobbie looked directly into the camera that was following her and said, “We’ll be back right after these messages.”

While the crew was resetting for the next contestants, she walked up to the front of the stage and asked, “Is everybody having a good time?”

The crowd roared their response. She then said, “We have one more regular contestant and then we will be getting to our special guest for the day. Remember that you can submit bids on her performance using your cellphones or by visiting the betting windows located under the stands.”

Missy looked down from her cage. “Who are they betting on?” she said softly. Then Bobbie looked up at her. “Oh,” she said, “she heard me.” Bobbie then pointed up at her and smirked. “Oh,” she said again. “Oh!” Bobbie then put her finger up to her lips indicating that she was supposed to be quiet.

The announcer’s voice rang out, “Our final regular contestants for today are Madam Beauchamp and slutpuppy from New Orleans, Louisiana. Let’s give them a big wheel welcome!”

The audience started polite applause in response to the announcer’s cue, but that changed to loud shouts and cheers as the couple walked out onto the stage.

Madam Beauchamp was a very muscular black woman. Her skin was deep ebony and made Bobbie’s mocha tone look almost white. She was dressed in a shiny black leather outfit, that if it were made of cloth would look like an old-fashioned swimsuit with French cut leg openings. She was wearing fishnet pantyhose and knee high, high-heeled soft leather boots. Her gloves where elbow-length in a leather than matched the boots.

In her right hand she was holding a long silver chain leash which connected to the center of a collar worn by a blond girl with very, very pale skin. The collar was all that the girl, evidently named slutpuppy, was wearing.

Bobbie waited for the noise of the crowd to finally fade away and then said, “So, Madam Beauchamp, tell us a little about yourself and your... uh... companion.”

The huge black woman stared intently at Bobbie for a few moments. The normally alpha female host of the show appeared to be melting under that stern gaze. “I’m a professional dominatrix,” she finally replied. “Slutpuppy came to me as a client a few years ago.” She reached over and stroked the blond girl’s long hair. “Unfortunately, she had needs that exceeded her ability to pay... with money. But we were able to work out an arrangement beneficial to us both.”

Madam Beauchamp again focused her gaze on Bobbie and said, “If you would like to find out what a session with me might be like, I could always arrange a sample.” She laughed. “I’m trying to put a deal together for a reality show. A recognizable name might be a big draw for the first episode.”

Bobbie stared back at her for several moments. Her mouth was open and her eyes seemed slightly out of focus. She shook her head and looked offstage. “Edit that out,” she said in a shaky voice before returning to her bubbly host persona to say, “Before we begin, I need to quickly go over the rules.”

After the rules were explained, slutpuppy was taken over to the restraint frame and pulled into a taut, white, naked X. At first it looked like she had no body hair, but looking a little closer it was possible to see a very fine tangle of downy, blond hair covering her cunt.

The audience began its chant of “Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin.” Madam Beauchamp reached up and almost effortlessly spun the wheel. The labels on the segments were blurred and the clicking of the indicator sounded like a high pitched buzz as the wheel spun frantically. Eventually it slowed and stopped on Moderate Pain.

Everyone’s eyes were on slutpuppy as the lights around the frame and on her body flickered and flashed indicating the intensity of the electrical pulses being delivered to her body. Despite the obviously severe shocks, the blond girl stood passively looking out at the crowd.

Before Bobbie could proclaim the amount won for the first round, Madam Beauchamp reached up and once again spun the wheel. Again it buzzed angrily for many revolutions before slowing down. This time it landed once again on Moderate Pain.

The lights flashed as before. Slutpuppy stood mute for most of the ten seconds, but with just two seconds to go uttered a short grunt.

This time Bobbie stepped between the contestant and the wheel so she could proclaim, “You now have fifteen thousand dollars. Do you want to risk that for the twenty second spin. If you win, you have an additional twenty thousand. If you lose, you lose everything.”

The dominatrix just laughed slightly and spun the wheel once again. This time it stopped on Extreme Pain. This time slutpuppy was not able to remain silent. The lights were flashing more brightly and staying on slightly longer, meaning that the pulses themselves were stronger and longer. The blond could not keep her body from twanging and thrashing with the pulses. She also could not prevent the staccato grunts which accompanied each pulse. But at the end of the twenty seconds, she was still holding tightly to both safe word balls.

“You now have thirty-five thousand dollars,” Bobbie gushed. “Do you quit now, or spin once again and risk it all in hopes of gaining an additional thirty thousand.”

Before Madam Beauchamp could answer, she added, “Slutpuppy looks like she can handle a lot of pain, but remember, Harold and Cindy were undone by Extreme Pleasure.”

As she gripped the wheel she replied, “I have trained her to withstand pain OR pleasure.” On the word pleasure, she gave the wheel its strongest spin yet.

This time it finally stopped on Pain. The lights were much dimmer and slutpuppy stood mute in the restraint frame. The only noise she made was a soft moan that sounded much more like the sound of pleasure than the sound of pain. By the time the thirty seconds were up, the blond was panting deeply. She was obviously turned on by pain.

“Oh oh,” Bobbie chided. “It looks like slutpuppy is very close to an orgasm.” She smiled at the dominatrix and added, “It might be time to take your SIXTY-FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS and go home.”

She immediately wilted under Madam Beauchamps scowl.

“Or,” she sputtered out, “you could try for a fifth completed spin and take home two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.” She seemed to regain some of her composure as she said, “Remember, slutpuppy will have to get through forty seconds of either pleasure or pain without orgasming or giving up.”

“I’ll spin,” the large black woman said gruffly as she grasped the edge of the wheel. She then looked out at the crowd and waited for the cry of “Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin, spin” to begin. After raising herself up onto her tiptoes and moving the wheel upward as far as she could, she brought her arm and her whole body down almost violently nearly pulling the wheel over as she set it spinning.

The buzz was very high-pitched and very loud as the clicker switched madly from segment to segment. Many in the crowd were holding their breath waiting to see where it would land. There was a collective gasp as it clicked through Moderate Pleasure and then Moderate Pain before stopping at Extreme Pleasure.

All eyes were on slutpuppy as the lights faded in and out around her. The buzz of the vibrators in her cunt and ass were easy to hear even without the sound being picked up by the microphones. Slutpuppy was swaying with the pulses. Her breath was coming in shorter and shorter gasps. The lights were reflecting off the inside of her legs as copious amounts of juice seeped down her thighs.

With ten seconds left, the audience began counting down with the clock. “Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one.”

A buzzer sounded and two confetti canons on each side of the stage fired off. “We have a grand prize winner,” shouted Robbie. The crowd continued to scream and whistle for several minutes. Then the dominatrix signaled with her hands for them to quiet down.

They did and Madam Beauchamp walked over to stand in front of her submissive. “Very good,” she said. Then standing alongside the restraint frame, she faced the crowd and said very loudly, “You may now have your orgasm.”

A wail louder than anything from earlier in the evening reverberated throughout the arena. Slutpuppy thrashed and pulled at her restraints so violently that it looked like the frame would bend. Then arching her body so greatly that her feet left the ground she shuddered and cried out with a loud, “Aiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” that seemed to go on forever until it slowly faded out like a kettle running out of steam.

The stage crew quickly released the pale, blond girl from the restraint frame. She took a step toward her mistress and began to fall forward. Madam Beauchamp scooped her up in her arms and carried her offstage while the theme music blared from the speakers.

Bobbie Barker, host of Wheel of Pleasure / Wheel of Pain, then stepped to center stage and addressed the audience. “Normally,” she began, “we have four contestants on our show. But tonight we have a special guest. Our fourth contestant tonight will be the repentant terrorist, slave missy.”

Missy’s cage began to descend toward the stage floor. “Obviously we will have to change the game slightly for this special contestant,” she said as William released missy from her cage and removed her chains.

As the crew put missy in the restraint frame, Bobbie continued, “Slave missy will be restrained as usual... and she will have the two balls that she can drop as safety signals.”

She paused and walked to the front of the stage. “But she is not playing for money tonight. She is playing for time. If she drops the balls– or if she orgasms– today will not count toward the reduction of her sentence.”

She pointed back where William stood alongside the wheel and continued, “And there will be six spins in the series. The first five will be the standard five, ten, twenty, thirty, and forty. The sixth spin will be for forty-six seconds. That is one second for each of the businesses that our terrorist tried to destroy.”

She walked over to the wheel. “There is also a modification to our wheel,” she said with a grin. The segments have all been changed to pain segments. The choices are Pain, Moderate Pain, and Extreme Pain. There is no pleasure on the wheel unless our little terrorist is able to get pleasure from severe electrical shock.

Missy struggled against her bonds when she heard that, but settled down as she realized that there was no way that she could escape.

“Mister Wilson,” Bobbie called out, “would you give the wheel its first spin.”

The crowd was chanting “Spin, spin, spin, spin.” Missy could hear the clicking of the wheel. But she couldn’t see it! She had assumed that the half of the contestant couple held in the frame knew what was coming, but they didn’t. They didn’t know if it was pleasure or pain, or how severe. She knew it would be pain. The only thing she didn’t know was how bad.

Then the pulses hit. They hurt. It was like a wasp stung her skin and then grabbed her with it small jaws and pinched... make that a thousand wasps. She screamed as loud as she could, but inside she was telling herself, “Hang on to those damn balls!”

Five seconds is a long time when you are being shocked, even longer when you can’t see the clock to know how much time is passing. To missy, it seemed more like a minute or longer that she screamed and shook.

“That had to be moderate,” she told herself as she hung panting. [/i]“It hurt like hell, but there were no shocks on my nipples.”[/i] Strangely, she wasn’t sure whether or not there had been shocks to her ass and cunt.

She could hear Bobbie talking to William, or perhaps to the crowd. “Normally, I would ask if William and slave missy wanted to continue, but there is no way this ends until missy has gone through all six spins and endured that final forty-six seconds of Pain, Moderate Pain, or Extreme Pain. That is the only choice and that choice is made by the Wheel of Pain.”

Bobbie laughed menacingly, “Even if missy drops both balls– or impossibly, if slave missy orgasms– the pulses continue for six spins.”

“Shit!” said missy loudly. William looked over at her. “If it makes no difference,” she continued loudly, “there is no way I’m dropping the fucking ball. Spin the wheel!”

The crowd cheered and immediately went into their chant. “Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin.”

All the while they were chanting, missy was also chanting silently to herself, “Hurt but not harm, hurt but not harm, hurt but not harm.”

She heard the clicking of the wheel. William wasn’t spinning it as fast as the real contestants had spun it. Missy could almost count the clicks as it spun. The clicks quickly slowed down and then stopped. Almost as soon as the last click sounded the first pulse hit.

It was no where near as bad as before. The wasps were still there, but now they didn’t bite, they only pinched. It hurt, but missy was easily able to go into the pain. This time the seconds did seem like seconds before the pulses stopped.

Missy now heard Bobbie call out, “Slave missy has endured fifteen seconds of the one hundred fifty-one total seconds that she must endure for this day to count.”

The clicking of the wheel began again. This time it was slightly faster and took just a little longer to finally stop... on Extreme Pain.

A long, loud, “Aiieeeee” echoed out across the race track around the fairground stage. There was no doubt in missy’s mind that this was the extreme segment. These weren’t wasps. They were giant hornets that stung and bit and pinched all at the same time. A whole nest of hornets was alive in her cunt and in her ass. On top of that, her muscles were spasming so hard that it felt like she would pull her arms and legs out of their sockets. She tried to chant “Hurt but not harm” while the pulse shocks were swarming over her, but in truth, she wasn’t sure that it was not destroying her body.

Her voice was slightly hoarse before the twenty seconds were up. Bobbie was talking, but missy couldn’t tell– or didn’t care– what she said. She was too busy wiggling her fingers and flexing her legs to see if everything still worked. “It hurt like HELL,” she said to herself, “but it didn’t harm me. I have to trust William if I am to get through this.”

She didn’t hear the wheel spinning. She didn’t hear it stop. She did feel the pulses return. But now she was in control of the pain. The pulses felt like they were the moderate segment and they hurt. But they were regular. She knew when each pulse would begin. And she knew that despite the pain, they would not harm her.

Slave missy opened herself to the pain. She welcomed it into her body. Her mind told her body that its message of how badly her body was being injured was wrong. These swarms of wasps, or even hornets, ultimately would not harm her.

Bobbie spoke to the crowd. “If slave missy were a real contestant,” she said. “Instead of a penal slave trading days of punishment for years of slavery. She would have already won sixty-five thousand dollars. A lot of our contestants who get this far decide that enough is enough and take their money and go home.” She laughed. “Slave missy doesn’t have that choice. There are two spins left to go.”

The crowd thought that Bobbie was taunting slave missy, but her words were actually words of encouragement. At least, that is how missy heard them. If she was trading days of punishment for years of slavery, then each pulse was at least months of slavery being removed from her body. And although she had eighty-six seconds of pain left to endure, she had already endured sixty-five seconds. She could do this. “Hurt but not harm, hurt but not harm, hurt but not harm, hurt but not harm, hurt but not harm.”

“Aiiieeee!” The crowd applauded as missy screamed out. This was another extreme segment. The initial pulse was unexpected. Missy had not prepared herself for it. The scream was automatic. But each succeeding pulse was less pain and more just an overwhelming sensation that her body could absorb. Finally the pulses stopped.

“Can you believe that?” Bobbie gushed. “If slave missy were a contestant, she would have won our two hundred and fifty thousand dollar grand prize. I think she deserves a hand for that even if she is just a convicted terrorist.”

The crowd applauded politely. “But now,” Bobbie continued, “we have one final spin. Will this be Pain, Moderate Pain, or Extreme Pain?”

The crowd got to say “Spin” less than a dozen times before the wheel slowly came to a stop. It landed on Pain, the lightest of the three.

Missy knew as soon as the first pulse hit that her final punishment was the lowest level. She was ready for the first pulse and responded only with a slight grunt as the lights on her breasts and dildo harness flashed weakly. The crowd saw missy receiving painful electrical shocks, but missy felt only sensations.

Missy had been able to control the pain and make the Extreme Pain bearable. The Moderate Pain she was able to make not painful. This lowest level of pain, she was able to turn into pleasure. Each pulse felt better and better until suddenly she screamed out, “NO!”

The crowd thought that she had reached her limit to endure pain and was about to drop the safety balls in a plea for this all to stop. The exact opposite was true. She was coming very close to orgasming– and an orgasm was the same as dropping the balls. She would have who knows how many years of slavery added back to her sentence.

“No, no, no, no, no,” she was yelling with each pulse. She had no idea how long she had left. Could she hang on and not orgasm? The audience began counting down the final ten seconds. She was right on the edge of the cliff and slipping farther over it with each second counted off.

Her body was already shaking in pre-orgasmic quivers when the crowd shouted, “One!” She took a very shaky breath and held it in. She heard William’s voice cry out, “She made it!”

The audience responded with mild applause. They were actually disappointed. They had been hoping to see her fail.

When she heard William cry out, missy released the breath she had been holding within her. With that breath, she also released the orgasm that had threatened to erupt and disqualify her. She screamed out a very loud, “Aaaaaahhhh,” and the crowd knew immediately that it was not a cry of pain.

Missy screamed and thrashed in an orgasm that was releasing all of the pent-up sensations which she had absorbed in her over three minutes of electrical torture. The balls did not drop from her hands, they were thrown... with enough force to bounce across the stage and out into the audience.

Now the crowd began to stomp and cheer. They had wanted to see this repentant terrorist fail in the worst way possible. In their minds she had. She had shown herself to be as much a painslut as slutpuppy had been for Madam Beauchamp.

Somehow, missy also knew what her orgasm meant. “What have I become?” she asked herself softly again and again. She was still murmuring, “What have I become?” as the crew released her from her restraints. She felt William picking her up and carrying her back over to her cage. As he set her inside her cage and steadied her against the bars, she looked into his eyes and asked one last time, “What have I become?”

The hour while she hung in her cage following the performance seemed especially long. Maybe that was because a much larger portion of the audience stopped to take pictures. Some even got down on their knees– or even lay down on the ground– so they could get the wheel into the picture with her hanging above. A couple of people were still taking pictures when William pulled onto the stage with the ATV and her cage was lowered down onto its trailer.

Once they were back at the RV, William handed her a small bottle of something that looked like baby oil and said, “You look like a very bad leopard Halloween costume. Miss Barker said this would help remove the electrodes. She said it would be best if you took a long, hot shower and peeled them off while you were still under the water.”

The shower felt very good. The stuff in the bottle wasn’t baby oil, or at least it had a totally different smell and seemed much thinner. It did, however really help in removing the electrode patches from her body. The center of each electrode had sort of gel-like adhesive which pulled off rather easily, but there was a band of glue around the outside edges that stuck firmly to her skin. The couple of electrodes which she tried to pull off without the oil felt like they took the top layer of skin with them.

By the time she got out of the shower William had supper waiting for her. After she had cleaned up the kitchen, she and William watched TV until bed time. As they were walking back toward the bedrooms, she said, “The bottle says that I should use that oil overnight to help my skin heal. Would you rub it on for me like you normally do with the ointment?”

William knew that the bottle of oil said nothing on it, but he just nodded his head and followed her into her bedroom. She lay face down on the bed and he carefully massaged the oil into her back and legs. “I think it needs to be on my front, too,” she said as she rolled over onto her back.”

“Oh,” he said as he poured a small amount onto her stomach and began rubbing it in. He next did her legs and then moved up to her breasts. By the time he began massaging the oil into her breasts, her nipples were stiff and tall. She moaned softly as he first touched her breasts.

“If you need me to take you to orgasm,” he said softly, “all you really need to do is ask. You don’t have to invent false directions from a bottle that I read very carefully before giving you.”

She looked up at him with big, wet eyes and said in a shaky voice, “Please. I need someone to touch me that isn’t hurting me. I need you to give me true pleasure. I need to cum from pleasure, not from pain.”

William said nothing but instead poured more oil onto her stomach and began to massage it downward between her legs. She opened her legs for him and sightly raised her knees. The oil was very slippery and his hands were very gentle as his fingers rubbed over and into her cunt. Her own lubrication added to the slipperiness as the fingers of one hand pushed into her cunt while the fingers of the other hand danced circles around her throbbing clit. In a very short time, missy was thrashing on the bed in an intense orgasm– what she would later call a “real orgasm.”

When her body had stopped shuddering and she began to relax back into the bed, she again turned her eyes toward William and said, “Thank you, Master. Your slave needed that very, very much.” Her eyes then closed and she quickly faded into sleep.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Chapter Summaries

Chapter One: Vicki LeClaire is convicted of all charges. A sentencing agreement is negotiated by William Wilson, a professional slave sentence negotiator. This chapter primarily sets the scene for the rest of the book. Once that is done, the action near the end centers around public nudity and public humiliation.

Chapter Two: Vicki’s “Day of Repentance” and her humiliating descent into slavery, including being renamed as slave missy. This chapter centers primarily on public nudity and public humiliation.

Chapter Three: The first of missy’s 11 days of public punishment. On this first day of punishment, Master Hiroya Takahashi demonstrates properly-trained pony girls, and instructs missy on the proper way to receive a punishment spanking. The focus of this chapter is pony girls and public spanking.

Chapter Four: The second day of punishment begins with a flogging contest by a company called Judicial Placements Incorporated. Her negotiator... and new Master, William Wilson, flogs missy the required forty-six times to fulfill the terms of her sentence. This chapter is totally focused on non-consensual flogging.

Chapter Five: Slave missy’s third day of punishment. She is once again subject to a spanking, this time by the head of a private girls’ reformatory. Before her spanking, several of the young women from the reformatory also receive public punishment. This is a spanking chapter with bare hand, slipper, paddle, and leather belt.

Chapter Six: The fourth day. On this day of punishment, she is caned... by a robot, or more accurately, by a computer-driven mechanical spanking machine. Before her caning, James Madison demonstrates his company’s machines. This chapter focuses on mechanical flogging, paddling, and caning. It also delves into self-bondage and pain-pleasure.

Chapter Seven: The fifth day. Slave missy is punished by water combined with heat, cold, and electricity. This chapter focuses on various types of water punishment.

Chapter Eight: On the sixth day of her punishment, missy is introduced to “The Whipmaster.” Before punishing her he provides a demonstration of his abilities. The chapter is focused on public nudity, public humiliation, and public flogging of one sort or another.

Chapter Nine: The seventh day for slave missy is a day for electro-punishment. Slave missy becomes part of the vidshow, “Wheel of Pleasure / Wheel of Pain.”

Chapter Ten: The eighth day introduces a unique punishment– punishment by combat. There is also an undercard of slave wrestling with humiliation and pain in store for the loser.

Chapter Eleven: The ninth day of punishment is a lottery. The public is given the chance to paddle the repentant terrorist. Eight lucky winners each get to give her five swats with a special paddle. One lucky winner gets to finish the forty-six required for her punishment by laying six swats of the paddle across missy’s ass. The undercard is also part of the lottery. Three slaves in need of punishment will each receive 20 swats, again with one lottery winner delivering 5 of those swats. In addition there are two volunteers. One is a male member of the stage crew who is coming out as a pain slut. The other is a woman who has been at every performance so far and wants to experience public punishment and humiliation. Hers is a special case and her husband will deliver however many swats it takes to make her cum. Twenty-five winners were chosen to participate. Each was asked to write a short essay saying why they should be the one to deliver the final six to the repentant terrorist. The winner finishes off missy.

Chapter Twelve: This tenth day returns missy to old school punishment as she receives an old-fashioned caning. There is also a contest between slaves to see who can withstand the most strokes of the cane.

Chapter Thirteen: (Last Chapter) Slave missy finally reaches her final day of punishment. After having been punished by hand, slipper, paddle, cane, water, and electricity, missy is punished with pleasure. She is strapped into a high-tech denial/teasing/edging device and taken to the very brink of orgasm 46 times.