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The Neighbourhood 02 - 2022-06-15 - Aftermath

2023-01-22 00:19:34

...and the payoff on that tension from last time.

Your opinions matter, so comments with your thoughts are welcome. Constructive advice preferred, of course. If you're interested in editing, I have another 45000 words so far, and could use some pre-post feedback.

Each chapter is labelled with the themes in that chapter. There are a lot of other themes to this tale as the chapters progress, including: anal, BDSM, blowjob, BDSM, bondage and restriction, cheating, discipline, domination/submission, first time, group, humiliation, incest, lesbian, oral sex, pregnant, romance, teen, threesome, toys, voyeurism, virginity, wife, young. XNXX doesn't have a theme for 'poly' or 'polyamory', but that's in here too.


Full Disclosure:

This is a set of fantasies. Fantasy characters do things that are immoral, damaging, illegal, and (in some cases) impossible. This is a fantasy world that happens to look a lot like our world. For example, there are no sexually transmitted diseases, and the consequences incest and young sex tend to the pleasurable rather than the punitive or putrescent. In the real world these are among the most damaging perversions—abuses of power and breeches of trust. Don't confuse fantasies affairs, underage sex, and incestuous sex with reality—no matter how titillating or stimulating. There are things in this story that are horrifying libido-killers for me even in fantasy: as a writer, I follow the characters; I don't lead them. So don't fuck little girls or little boys; don't cheat on the people who care about you. Fantasy is not reality. If you read Tolkien and are tempted to pick up a sword and work your way through the Orcs in the mall, seek help; if you read this and are tempted to pick up some 12 year olds and work your way through their innocence, SEEK HELP. It's not real life! Don't force it on anyone! Now grab a phone and call for help, or grab some lube and start reading with one hand. Don't get the two confused.


Wednesday June 15th, 2022


As soon as the door closed, I grabbed Winn around the waist and threw her over my shoulder. Winn grunted in surprise, and said, "What are you doing?" They were still walking down the front steps as I turned and strode across the living room.

By the time she finished the phrase we were in the kitchen. I dropped her on the counter beside the sink, which elicited another squeal. Without a word, I yanked up her skirt and undid my belt. Her panties were sopping wet. "Something caught your eye, didn't it?" I said as I pulled out my cock. For the first time in our relationship, Winn blushed. I put my hand around her throat and squeezed gently as I pulled her toward me. "Tell me."

"I…" She hesitated. I thrust into her, hard. "Oh god", she moaned. I squeezed a little harder. She shuddered through a small orgasm. I waited for her pussy to stop squirming on my cock, then pulled out.

"There were a lot of secrets in our house tonight," I whispered. "What are you hiding?" I was incredibly excited, but also getting angry as I thought through the reactions and interactions I had seen today. "Tell me," I growled. "KC was coming on to me like a bitch in heat." I could see her expression shifting through lust and fear as she decided what to do.

I rarely got angry, so I wasn't ready for the surge I felt. °Is she figuring out what lie to tell?° I felt light headed, out of balance, starting to lose control. I let the head of my cock slide down, to press against her asshole. Her ass was clenched tight, causing her pain as I pressed forward, and stopping me from entering her. This was new, too; we had had anal sex many times—she loved it as much as I did—and she was very good at relaxing and taking me in. I pushed harder, knowing that it would hurt, despite the ample lubrication running down from her cunt.

I pushed again, hard, and she cried out in pain and pleasure. I don't like hurting people, but sometimes pain is a wonderful thing. Her chest flushed red and her legs clenched around me as she had another small orgasm. I kept pushing, being more forceful with her than ever before, in many ways. Even though I was angry, I didn't want to force my way inside her: I wanted her to let me in, both to her secret and to her body. She didn't use her safe word. I didn't stop.

After a long moment, Winn wailed from somewhere so deep she sounded like an animal, and suddenly opened up. I was pushing so hard that I rammed into her, balls deep in one brutal thrust.

She screamed in pain and release and she drenched me with an almost vicious squirting orgasm. I had never seen her cum so hard. She was thrashing and shaking, almost convulsing with pleasure and pain. I held on for dear life, anger forgotten, squeezing her neck even harder and pulling her toward me to stop her from bashing her head against the cupboard doors. Her wild, clenching, throbbing orgasm was so over the top that I completely lost it, and started spurting a huge load of cum into her vice-like asshole. I was so deep inside her that her ass clenched right at the base of my cock, fuelling a spectacular orgasm for me.

It took a few minutes for us to come down. I kissed away the tears running down Winn's cheeks, kissed her eyelids, kissed her lips. She responded hungrily, inviting my tongue into her mouth, running her hands over my chest, touching my face. Her ass was still tight, still rhythmically squeezing the base of my cock. I stayed rigid after cumming—something that hadn't happened since university. Eventually, I pulled back slowly, letting her leaking cunt add more lubrication, and began to slowly fuck her ass. She looked down, watching me press into her, and then up into my eyes. "Jon and KC and I have been lovers for twelve years," she said quietly.

I paused mid-stroke and looked at her for a long moment. A short, hot wash of jealousy shot through me, and the anger was back. Having sex with them wasn't a problem in itself; concealing it was. What I had seen was no casual relationship.

My expression must have changed to something frightening; Winn went from blushing to white in a heartbeat as the blood drained from her face. A few more tears rolled down her cheeks, but she held my eyes. "I was afraid to tell you before," she said. "Falling in love with Jon and KC is what broke up my marriage. My ex-husband and I were swinging with them for about a year, when it all fell apart." She was crying in earnest now—not sobbing, but her voice was choked up and tears fell in a continuous stream. "I..." She hesitated again. "This is the longest time we've been apart in all that time."

I took stock. I was standing in our kitchen, half my stiff cock inside Winn's tight asshole. I was feeling conflicted, but clearly my body knew something my head didn't. My voice sounded hard and harsh when I finally spoke. "When were you going to let me know about this... this relationship?"

"Friday," she said. "We were going to seduce you in the hot tub, and talk after."

I'd had nothing like a dozen-year relationship before, let alone a long-term polyamorous relationship. I did know that a triad couldn't be stable without trust and dedication. The lusty conversation earlier, KC's promise to see me in the hot tub Friday, it all clicked together. A switch flipped in my head, and the jealousy-fuelled anger transmuted into raw lust.

Winn grunted as I thrust three fingers into her cunt, pulling upward and pressing her clit with my thumb. I thrust hard into her ass. "Fuck you," I growled, stroking faster and faster, roughly stretching her ass and pussy. "Fuck you for keeping this a secret." She was moaning continuously now, holding on to me for dear life. I had a vision of Winn and KC in a 69, with Jon fucking the hell out of Winn and me balls deep in KC. I was thrusting frantically, suddenly ready to cum again. I cried out and began shooting more cream into her bowels. She came a moment later, her clenching asshole prolonging my orgasm. Chest heaving from the exertion, I leaned forward, resting my forehead on the cupboards beside Winn's head. "And thank you for coming clean," I panted, "and for trying to make the surprise a good one." I rubbed her clit hard, and gave one more solid thrust into her ass.

Winn convulsed again, screaming my name in a shattering orgasm. It was my turn to hold on, as her body was wracked by pleasure and release.

When we finally recovered enough to move, we found ourselves soaking wet from tears and cum and sweat. I started to pull my rapidly shrinking dick from Winn's ass. Her clenched sphincter stretched my cock out like a rubber band. We both laughed when I finally popped out.

I pulled a dishtowel from the stove handle and began blotting up the puddle of girl-juice on the counter. I followed the trail slick liquid down my legs, discovering that my socks were wet as well.

Winn slid down from the counter, shucking her clothes and tossing them into a small pile at the top of the basement steps. She kissed me tenderly, and said "Meet me in the shower." She rolled her sweet ass toward the stairs to the second floor. "I'm going to fuck your brains out tonight."

Following two of the best orgasms of my life and huge emotional turmoil, I was still as horny as a teenager and ready for more. I worked my way out of my clothes and followed her upstairs.

We didn't say much of consequence as we enjoyed soaping and rinsing each other's bodies. While I lathered her ass, Winn said, "We did a number on Rosebud today." She looked over her shoulder, smiling. "I don't think I'll be able to do any anal for a few days."

"Fair enough," I said, washing her gently. "It was a special occasion, as it turns out."

She turned me around, and started to lather and massage my back and ass. "Maybe I should pound your ass with my dildo tonight." I relaxed as she pushed a soapy finger in and pressed down on my prostate. My cock stayed soft for the moment, though it lengthened considerably.

"Not with soap as lube, you won't," I said, "and maybe not even with a bottle of olive oil either." A finger, sure. A piece of silicone the size of my cock was definitely more than I could take with any comfort, and more than I had any desire to take.

"You never get me anything nice," she said. I could hear the huge fake pout on her face. I turned around, pulling her finger out of my ass so I could smack hers. The water made my light slap into a sharp crack against her right cheek. She yelped, jumped, grinned. "Okay," she said. "That was pretty nice."


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