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The Dogs That Started It All

2022-10-20 00:50:35

I knew about sex since I was about 13 but I only started experimenting when I was about 15, I’m 26 now. When I was 15 I began to “do a little research” I guess you could call it… I watched porn. I saw rather sexy woman get fucked rough and hard by men with huge dicks. I also watched as women played with their sexy little pussies and cum all over the place. Needless to say, I began to masturbate.
But, this story isn’t about all that. That was just a little background information. This story is about my dogs Buddy and Rocky.


When I was still “researching” sex when I was about 16, I came across quite a few bestiality sites with 30 second to one minute clips with women being fucked by horses and dogs. This made me wetter and hornier than regular porn ever had. I masturbated rather vigorously to those clips.
I used my mom’s huge pink dildo to really get me off. I would rub it roughly over my clit almost to climax and just when I was about to cum, I’d shove it into my sex, fucking my little hole as fast as I could, loving the sucking sounds it made as I came.
One day, when I was finished with the dildo, I felt someone’s hot breath on my soaking wet pussy. My little white 5 year old Maltese, Buddy, was sniffing at my exposed, glistening crotch. Now having some knowledge about bestiality, I didn’t stop him. I wanted to feel his rough, bumpy tongue lick my wet pussy. The thought of it got my juices flowing again. He stared at me for a few seconds, as if asking permission, with his beautiful brown eyes. When I grinned at him, he took the hint.
He licked my pussy roughly, quickly dipping it in and out of my hole as he passed over it, sending shivers down my spine and giving me goose bumps. He’d only been licking me for about 10-15 minutes when I came again, causing him to lick me even faster and rougher, which only made me cum even more.
When I stopped coming and he stopped licking, I looked up and noticed his fairly small doggie dick begin to poke out of his sheathe. I flipped over onto my stomach and got him to lay on his back. I began to stroke it slowly at first, but seeing it grow and swell got me horny all over again. I’d never been this turned on in my whole life.
As I got hornier, I began thrusting his rubbery doggy dick faster and harder, watery precum began to cover my hand and he could hardly lay still, he was trying to hump my hand while on his back. I soon noticed the base of his dick was beginning to swell. I later learned this was a “knot” and what is was used for. (I love knotting now… it’s both intimate and pleasurable, but that’s a whole other story.)
I jerked him off until I was sure he was going to explode and I began sucking. I sucked him for a good five minutes, loving the taste of his rubbery cock, until he exploded in my mouth. It tasted different… not particularly bad, but it was different.
I never allowed him to actually fuck me though, as I was much bigger than him. Not fatter, but even on my hands and knees there would be no way he could get his dick into my pussy without having jump for it, or if I got help. But I didn’t want to have to explain to my mom what I’ve been doing to him and why. He didn’t mind it one bit so I continued to have sexual experiences with him until we moved to a complex that didn’t allow pets and had to give him away.

And now… Rocky <3

The complex my mother and I moved to had a policy change about a year after we moved there so you were allowed to have dogs, cats, or birds but no rodents like rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and such. So, my mom and I both being dog people, got a German Shepard named Rocky from a shelter across town. Rocky loved to play fetch and run around, but he was otherwise a fairly calm dog.
At this point, I had already lost my virginity to my ex after about 2 months of being together. Turns out he only wanted my v-card and that was that. Needless to say, I wasn’t extremely interested in getting another boyfriend, but getting Rocky and watching his huge sheathe wiggle around when he ran made me remember my experiences with Buddy.
So one day, when my mom left for work, I called Rocky up to my room. Being such a loving and loyal dog, he came and plopped down next to me on my bed. I was already naked, and my pussy slightly wet. I had my own vibrator now which was given to me by my friend soon after my ex dumped me with a note saying, “Have a WET N’ WILD time” (inside joke). So, I got out my golden vibrator and worked at my clit with it on medium and Rocky watched with his head cocked to one side.
When I was fairly wet, I put the vibrator down and stuck two fingers in my pussy, pulling them out slowly trying to get as much pussy juice on them as possible. I stuck them under Rocky’s nose, and he sniffed them. He then eagerly began licking them. Just as I had hoped, he started sniffing around for the source of the salty goodness. He licked my lips; nope. He roughly licked my nipples, causing a moan to escape my lips, so he licked them a little more, but there was no salty flavor like from my juices, so he gave up there and sniffed lower. He licked my thigh, sending a shock up my spine. He stuck his cold nose between my pussy lips; jackpot.
I played roughly with my tits as he licked my clit and I bit my lip, holding back the moans so desperately trying to escape. He began licking furiously at my pussy, just as Buddy did but with a bigger, stronger tongue. I groaned as his tongue dipped quickly in and out of hole, unintentionally teasing me. About 15 minutes later, I was coming and moaning uncontrollably. He backed off, as if this frightened him, and then I saw it.
His dick was hardly out of the sheath but I could tell it was monstrous. I told him to roll over and he got on his back. (Writing these events are making me extremely wet). I started to jerk him off, but the larger he got, the more I wanted him in me.
Still being fairly uneducated about bestiality and sex with dogs, I figured doggy style was the only way to go. I got on the floor onto my hands and knees and patted my butt. He got the hint and licked me a few times before mounting me, his strong paws wrapped around my small waist. I felt his dick poke at my thighs a few times, and after almost fucking me in the ass, got it in my pussy. With no hesitation whatsoever, he started ramming me with his huge dick.
I heard the most sickening sucking sounds as he rammed me and his huge dick stretched my pussy to the point it almost hurt, but it felt too wonderful so I hardly focused on the pain. As he reached his full size, I could feel his cock ram into my cervix which only added to my orgasm. Soon, I felt his knot growing, but it was still small enough where it slid in and out of my pussy, which felt absolutely wonderful. If I was a bitch, I would’ve been growling with pleasure.
Soon, his knot grew to a size it caught in my pussy, but he was still humping and his precum alone felt like it was filling me. But then, I felt hot, continuous streams of cum completely fill my pussy, I could even feel some of it sneak past his knot and run down my legs. We were knotted for about 15 minutes, and I came nearly three times just having his knot in me.
Once he shrunk enough to the point he could slide out, he trotted away to clean himself up and I took a shower, in complete awe as to what happened.

Rocky and I had many more experiences like that until I headed off to college. I really haven’t had many more bestiality experiences since…

If you want me to write more, let me know! Maybe even some fiction work?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I really need to call up my boyfriend. My pussy is soaked.