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The World - Introduction_(0)

2022-10-21 00:41:40

"...explore at your own risk. You will soon learn who you really are. Welcome to the World." John had watched the video dozens of times, probably close to 100. It was the top trending news article and online topic, the most talked about item, and basically a global viral hit. The game had mysteriously hit the market about a month ago. Strangely it had come out with no warning, no marketing, not even a media leak. Unheard of in the tech world. It was the creation of an odd pair. Naturally the face of the New World company was the richest and most prolific porn developer, Augustus Black. He was the first to crack the holy grail of high quality VR porn. And naturally had predictably made an unearthly fortune. His partner was a failed game developer. Some thought Chris Price was the biggest con man since Madeoff and Enron. His MMORPG game broke the record for most expensive development and most aggressive marketing campaign. Then a matter of weeks after release the company failed due to low, well practically zero, sub***********ions. Price had spent 50 million dollars developing and fantasy MMORPG game like any other but with the one twist of ditching the typical character leveling scheme. There were still skill levels but even those you lost I'd not practiced. The hard core gamers left after the first month because it was to much like real life and the casual games faced a learning curve that was more akin to a cliff. Price left public life in disgrace and vehemently defending his game theory.

Now Price and Black had teamed up to create The World in total secrecy. And once again the global public expressed their outrage at the duo for destroying the fabric of moral society. But this time no sane person could deny their success and no government could stop them. Even though they tried with every resource available.

"Dude are you there?" John realized he had zone out again. "Sorry Bill, I was just thinking." "I know what you mean. It's crazy. I had to finally watch the video just so I could know myself what everyone was talking about. I didn't want to sound like an idiot"

Sure you did, John thought. He had had this conversation a thousand times. Everyone pretends they just now watched the video because the world was talking about it. Not because they to were enthralled by The World. "Yah it's crazy for sure. But you cant be surprised Bill. It was only a matter of time. Full immersion games have been out a couple of years. And we all know porn has hit an all time high since good VR came out for it. Match made in hell if you ask me." Bill nodded across the video chat, "I guess it gives a bad name to porn and gaming both." Whatever. John was fed up. "I gotta go Bill. I'll be on for the raid in an a few hours I think." Not waiting for a reply he closed the chat and sat back. He had seen Bill's preferred screen name in The World stream channels once so he was sure he played. Everyone denied it but everyone played it. Hypocrites all.

John had long decided to join and play. He had all of the gear bought for full immersion gaming. He had watched some of the top streaming channels. Not only had Black made nearly half a billion the first month but he had once again upended online porn by also launching a paid streaming service for anyone who could or wouldn’t play but was still hooked. Some states said 96% of online porn traffic was World streams. It was true reality porn with no limits. Obviously everyone loved it.

The only reason John hadn't created a character and played was legal fear. Somehow Black and Price had setup such a strong server network that no government or ISP could block the game. No lawsuit could work because the fortress Black and Price worked from was an island bought from North Korea and only 3 miles off shore. No government had the stones to launch an military action in North Korean territory. Rumors were that several top hackers had built the system off software obtained from the CIA and Mosad on the black market. But still John had a fear that one day someone would be able to release the real identities of players and anyone who engaged in any act depended illegal in their home country would be prosecuted. It could happen.

But he couldn't stop himself any longer. He hadn't had any great success in life. Sure he had an IT job many would covet. Good benefits, above average pay, no stress, and out by 4 every day. No debt thanks to a good upper middle class family upbringing. He had plenty of good relationships. One or two with what many would classify as hot and strong women. But somehow life had always felt bland aside from a few high points. Like he had always settled. John knew he could have done better in school, could have gotten a better job, could have been in better shape, and just done better in every way. And he wasn't quite ok with it. He had toyed with every fetish and hookup site with a decent online population. But had only met a handful of people and never engaged. To cowardly if he was honest with himself.

But why not. What did he really have to lose. If some law enforcement agency would be able to make trouble they would have by now. His life had always had a strong online influence.

Setting his will John gathered the equipment. It was rather expensive, relatively speaking. For john it was just a month worth to save but kids without well to do and inattentive parents couldn't it. He supposed that's good. There was no age limit or verification after all. For the very wealthy there were full body pods available but that was out of his ability to buy and really unnecessary unless you were going to spend days online at a time.

The kit included several items that took some time to setup so John had waited until Friday. First he powered up the custom computer and hooked up the headset. The headed looked like a bike racers helmet but with a lot of cords. He had ordered the hydro-static gel release that was both a comfort and performance option. He took a quick shower since the headset and clothes would connect better to wet skin. He put on the special briefs and t shirt and got situated on the couch. Last was the headset. Brushing his hair back he slipped on the helmet. After pushing a button the side of the helmet it released a think layer of gel into his hair and he felt a very slight compression as pads expanded to push gently on his head. With a deep breath he closed the visor.

At first it was just blackness. Then a few points of lighted started appearing. Almost like the hyperspace imagery of star wars. He had memorized all the info he could find about the game so he knew it was the optical sensors warning up and registering his point of sight.

Welcome to The World. A place of untold desire and wonder. A place that will not only help you define yourself but also a place to lose yourself. The World is what you make it. It is the place you have always believed in. Even if you didn't know it.

Before you begin there are a few things you must know. First is that there is no law and order. You decide the law by what you know it should be, not by what you think it is. No physical sensation, good or bad, is blocked in The World. Nor is it limited by your gender, physical ability, or lack of understanding.

There is no going back once you determine your identity. Only the truly wise will find a way to change it. Many thought they were but none have yet.

No one is liable for your actions and the consequences but yourself. Your actions may or may not catch you. But we will not help you. No world agency will come to your aid either. Consider yourself warned.

"Welcome John". A pleasant looking woman said all of a sudden. John could have sworn she appeared from thin air. He was seated in a small reception style room though he didn't remember sitting down. The woman stood in front and to the side of him. Next to her were three opaque glass columns large enough to house a person. The woman began to speak again, "Your new life in The World is about to begin. I will help guide you through the process. Your first step is to choose you race," she paused as she gestured to the three columns like a game show host. "Choose carefully. Once you enter The World you can not change without extreme effort."

John couldn't quite place the woman. Something about her was a little inhuman. But she wasn't elvish. Her appearance was attractive when looked at in part but didn't fully capture his attention. It was strange. She was very fit. Not the thin look obtained from strict diet and lucky genetics. It was a healthy fit look. A trim and tight body built intentionally and still graced with good genes. She had a pleasant face, soft even. Long graceful legs that could run a marathon at will but also firmly hold him to her in an sensual embrace. She had perfectly sized B cup beasts. A perfect size for his hands and were obviously perky and high. She probably didn't even need a bra. But looking as a while seemed to diminish the total attractiveness somehow.

With a shrug John focused again. The woman seemed to have been waiting for exactly that. With a smile, maybe even a smirk, she gestured to the columns and they became clear. Inside stood a very generic naked human and elven male. The columns slowly rotated and behind them, back to back, an equally generic women of each race.

The woman began to speak again. "Feel free to take a closer look at each. I recommend you first choose your gender prior to your race. You may either read the details of each race on your tablet or walk up to the columns and the Information can be displayed there." John suddenly felt a weight in his hand. He hadn't picked it up. He set it down and decided to walk up to the columns. Touching a small bright circle the human race Information came up on the glass like a high tech display.

The race of humans are the most number and mundane of races in The World. Throughout history they have been conquered and also set the standard of greatness. While humans have no unique abilities or talents they are not limited by any either. That may be their greatest strength after all. Humans are known to be the most varied in appearance. The capital of the human kingdom Nueva Industria has been living off a century of prosperity. True poverty and hunger are distant memories. However rumors are spreading that the time of pleasure is coming to an end as the soft times have created weak and gluttonous leaders.

Choosing your natural race will give you the most flexibility in starting appearance and an easy life for as long as the good times last.

After reading through it twice he walked over and repeated the process in front of the elven bodies.

The elven race are the oldest and most fair of The Worlds races. The beauty of the elves is known thought The World by all. It is their greatest curse. Humans and other jealous races long ago enslaved the elves and races their homeland so no elf could ever return to freedom. Despite the cruelty perpetrated against the elves members of other races do not permanently injure and rarely kill them. The primary reason is that elves are the most costly of slaves, relatively speaking, because they cannot become pregnant without the restoration of their home temple. The only way for the elves to grow is by adding players like you.

Choosing to step outside your natural race will bestow you some special abilities both good and bad. You will be blessed with amazing beauty and rapid healing. You will also be born into servitude and be unable to have children if you so desired. Elves also have the lowest will power on average due to centuries of slavery. You will have a moderate amount of control of your appearance. You will also enter The World in a random location as either a personal slave or as stock in the only elven slave trading company controlled by the beast kin.

Even generic the elven woman looked amazing. Could do with improvement of course but still. If that was the base point John could understand why such a large portion of those in The World choose to be an elven female despite the requires slave status. Any girl could become an instant super model. And of course all the creepy online men could control and feel everything a such a perfection of sex appeal could experience.

"How do I adjust the them to make my desires character?", John asked the woman. After a short pause John looked over at her and she answered, "If you need assistance you can use hand gestures to affect parts of the body." Hm, ok then. Like a mouse pad or touchscreen he thought. The phrase, if you need, caught his attention though. Maybe there was another way. He wasn't ever an expert gamer, like everything in his life. But he did take pride in his unique strategies, when they worked.

Instead he focused intently on the elven woman. The column stopped rotating as the body faced him. John imagined she had shorter hair. He had to consciously stop himself from putting his fingers to his temples in the classic pose. Her hair grew shorter. Seemed simple enough. John gave her shoulder length hair, sharp green eyes, a more pronounced facial features like those of the Greek. Next he slimmed her waist a little. Focusing he decided why not have some fun. He focused on make her breasts large. Dolly Parton large. The elven body quickly grew nice full C cup tits that defied gravity. As hot as it was he stopped and loved to the human women. Repeating the process he quickly found differences. The human body could accept more changes. Any kind of hair color rather than just shades of blonde. He could make the body have disgusting huge tits. There is such a thing as to big. His intuition told him any characters he saw in the streams that had maxed out tits like that had to be teen boys or seriously perved old men. No woman could want to deal with those massive weights.

After what seemed like an hour and with a very hard cock he decided he couldn't play as a women. He had before in other games. Who hadn't really. But this wasnt a game he thought he would get bored of so he should stick to what he really was, sort of. But the idea of actually experiencing sex as a women was hard to shake. He couldn't deny the enticing idea of trying cock. It had been fun to jerk off a guy once and he wished he had the courage to try more. He was hopelessly hard now. If only he wasn't alone. Or better yet could use one of the women he just created. The elf for sure. God was she hot.

Suddenly a section of the glass slide in and up. The elven woman opened her eyes and stepped off the pedestal. Seriously? He wanted her and she just stepped out and said sure. He couldn't believe it. But he knew. He knew that he did. That's why it happened. She walked up to him. Kissed him lightly with a look of hunger. He knew what she was for. So she knew it as well. She knelt down. Gently extracted him from his pants. Saying nothing ahead began to gently stroke him and kiss the head of his cock. Slowly she took him inter her mouth. For a few mins she just slowly and gently gave him the best blowjob of his life. The pointed ears and crystal clear green eyes were hypnotic and erotic like nothing else. But he had to much pent up need from not joining The World right up front. He pulled himself out of her mouth and simply pointed to the chair. The elven woman walked over, kneeled in the seat, and vent over the back of the chair. She spread her knees, looked over her shoulder, and smiled. No more invitations needed thought John. Looking at the moist puffy lifts framed by the most perfect ass he lost his reserve. John rushed over, thirst himself in the elven pussy, and pushed deep. Nothing before this could compare. His own perfect fantasy creation willing bent over to be used. After only 8 or 10 hard thrusts he lost the battle. John filled her womb with more cum than he had before. Not that he was a heavy cummer anyway but still more than usual. Giving the womans another appreciative squeeze he sat down behind her to breathe. She didnt move, somehow knowing his desire. He sat, slowly softening, and watched his cum drop from elven pussy for the first time. After a few mins she stood up and walked back into the column. She resumed her frozen pose like nothing had happened.

John stood and looked over at the human woman he had made. He thought about using her as well before finally dismissing them to continue creating his male character. But he had another thought. He had always had a lot of taboo fetishes and fantasies. Almost nothing was off the table for him unless to physically painful. From the streaming channels he knew that there were no age issues in The World. No one had entered the game as an underage character. Most choose a character made in thier own image of what sexual prime he or she imagined was ideal. But there were NPC children in the game.

He focused on the woman's age. She was probably 22 or so if he had to guess. There really wasnt much change. He didnt expect much visible change between say 20 and 22. Or even 18 and 22. He willed her younger. A little change. Younger still. More change. Her hips had narrowed and her breasts had shrunk dramatically. Apparently there was some logic saying you couldn't create a biological impossibility. John figured that made sense. That was to young though. He willed her to age a few more years. Now he saw a girl about 15 or 16 with well formed B cups and more defined hips and curves. Perfect to John. He couldn't play as a 15 year old girl but still. The chance to have one? It had only been 5 mins since the elven woman walked back into the column. Time passed strangely here.

After a moment John decided he wasn't ready for the young human girl. He had no delusions about himself. He would do many things in The World that were taboo or outright illegal in reality. But for the moment he needed to wait on this one.

He moved back to the elven male. Time to see what he could do with this. He proceeded to change as much as possible about the elven males body. Like the female he couldn't change at much as he wanted. He couldn't make it look like a body builder or do anything but shades of blonde. No matter his effort the body wasn't very masculine, for his opinion at least. He was going to build the body he wished he had in reality. And while it was slim it didn't have the strength he desires. That made sense in a way. A race in perpetual slavery and the mindset to match would look the part presumably. And the same breast size restriction seemed to apply to the male as well. But he couldn't really be sure because the male wasn't hard.

Time for a test, john thought. He imaged what he wanted to happen. Pressing a strong will power against the reality he was in. The same opening appeared the column as the last two and the elf stepped out. John sat down in the chair, still naked himself. The elf stepped up to within a couple feet and began to stroke himself. The elf slowly began to harden and show his size. The max that would go was probably about 8 inches with moderate girth. Bigger than himself john thought but it did keep a pleasant ratio with the rest of the body.

Pretty or beautiful seemed to be the best de***********ion for the elf male. Not what he wanted to be. He wanted to be more rugged, to show some strength more appropriately. John left the elf standing there holding his own hard cock and stood in front of the human male. Going through the edit process John settled on a form he liked very much. He now looked a 6'2" tall man of about 30 with short wavy black hair, green eyes, about 200 pounds with strong lean muscles. He wasn't going to go with an exaggerated body builder lol like many had before him. In his mind he visualized himself but with *********** upgrades.And yes, with a bigger dick. He willed the newly created male out of the column to stand next to the human girl. Neither had a face showing any expression or personality. Before John settled on his character and it was too late to try this he step forward. He felt the butterflies in his stomach, a quickening heartbeat, and his rapidly hardening cock. He walked up the human male and ran his hands along the chest. Hardening his nerve John knelt down in front of him. He reached out and softly took a grip of the large soft cock in front of his face. Slowly he began to stroke it. He had at least done this before in reality once. John increased speed, using both hands, and jerked off the wonderfully looking dick in front of his face. After a min or two the male was fully erect. John looked wistfully at the thick 10 inch cock. Soon it would be his. But first he had to try himself out. His own smaller cock was painfully hard. He stopped and looked at the human girl next to them. She now had a curious look on her face and was watching him play with the hard cock. John spoke to her, using his first vocal commands. “Kneel down next to me”, he demanded. She looked back at him and gave a slight negative shake of her head. He recalled that the human race had stronger mental will than the elves. He stopped and let go of the cock he was holding. He walked back and sat in the chair. “Kneel down in front of me, now”, he commanded again with more force. She walked in front of him but wouldn’t kneel down. Using his mental commanded he willed the elven male, with weaker will, to perform the needed action. The elf walked silently up behind the girl and forced her down onto her knees. The elf couldn’t resist any command even if he wanted to.

The elf pushed the girls head down until Johns cock was less than an inch from her face. The girl made a surprised sound as the head of his cock bumped into her lips. She opened her mouth and let him in. Clearly unsure the girl just froze with about 2 inches of dick in her mouth. “Much better”, John told her. The elven female stepped out of the column again, walked over, and knelt down next to John’s chair. The human male stepped up in front of her and she reached out, grabbing the offered cock. She began to expertly suck on the thick cock only a foot from John and the girl. The girl, with her mouth still closed over his cock, was watching the human woman. “You see, just do your best to copy her”, John instructed.

The girl kept watching and slowly began to move up and down a little. After a min she stopped watching and looked up at him. His heartbeat quickened at the sight. He smile and looked into the girls green eyes. She tried to smile back at him around the cock in her mouth. She looked down and began to focus. She kept one hand on the base of his shaft and quickened her pace. She fit as much as possible in her mouth each time. He could feel her tongue start exploring the head of his cock. The young girl closed her eyes and got into it. She began to suck and swirl her tongue around his shaft. He knew he wouldn't last much longer. He had never had any sexual experiences at that age. He figured that was why cute girls of that age still aroused him so strongly, among all the normal reasons of course. He was about to cum. He told her to stop. The girl looked up at him, slid his cock out of her mouth, and looked at him in confusion. “sit down next to me for now”, he ordered. She let got of him with a little reluctance and sat on the floor facing him. He wasn't ready to fuck her yet. Besides it was time.

John sat forward on the edge of the chair. “let him go”, he told the elf woman. She stopped immediately and sat on her knees. Her beautiful face was serene. The only incong was the saliva around her mouth. She had been sloppy about it he noticed. The human male came back to stand in front of him. He reached out again and stroked the large cock. With a new decisiveness he opened his mouth and took it in. Closing his lips around cock for the first time felt normal. More so than he expected. He began to stroke and suck on the thick shaft. It strained his mouth a little but he could fit more than half in his mouth. And he liked it. Why had he been so afraid in reality? He let the thoughts go and greedily sucked and stroked the big male. Not speaking his orders this time he felt the girl crawl in front of him and take him in her mouth again. John increased his pace and and attacked the cock, wishing to taste the reward. He came first. The girl stopped sucking him and sat back. Not looking down and breaking his own desire john came hard. He shot his load out into the air, sucking hard on the head in his own mouth. Moments later he felt the head swell and explode. He choked on the sudden volume. Not thinking to let some length of the cock out of his mouth to make room. He swallowed some while a good mount leaked out. Once it stopped John swallowed the rest, letting his first cock drop out of his mouth, and sat back. He looked down at the little girl. He must have cum on her tits and she sat back. The cum he didn't swallow had dropped down onto her as well. She had cum dripping down her body and down her stomach. She looked so amazing. Young innocence recently spoiled. “lay down and clean her up”, john said aloud. The girl played down on the floor as the elven woman knelt over her. She lowered herself and began to lick the cum off the girl. John watched with passion. The beautiful elven ass with clean puffy pussy looking so inviting. Having just cum again John only watched as the girl clearly enjoyed the elf cleaning her tits and stomach with her tongue. She shivered and moaned each time her nipples were touched.

After a few mins she completed the task and stopped. Kneeling next to the girl and awaiting orders. With great effort John focused on the task at hand. Through the entire time his host had silently watched him. He felt no shame or guilt in that. If he had the near future would have been difficult to say the least.

As if she read his mind the woman asked, “Have you decided?” After a moment, and a last look at each creation, John replied. “I will be this human male”, indicating his creation. “very well”, the woman replied. The two elves and the human girl disappeared. He was left with the name male standing stoically in front of him. The woman walked up to John and asked again, “are you certain? You may not return to this stage again.” with a sigh he confirmed his choice. A flash, seemingly from no source, blinded John. He felt a sharp pain. The pain left so fast he wasn't sure he had felt it. The light faded to darkness. He opened his eyes and no longer saw the male in front of him. Blinking he looked around. He felt different. Healthier. More solid. Looking down he saw the body he had made in detail. He ran his own hands over his chest and stomach. Reveling in firmest of his nee body. No longer soft and flabby he could already feel the stronger life in himself. Flexing and stretching out John let out an exuberant yell. He was ready.

He was stopped by a ding he heard. A sound he heard in his head. It was strange to hear something and know for a certain it wasn't a sound through your ear. But still he knew what it meant. It was a universal sound in all RPGs. It meant a level up. He was shocked because he wasn't in the game yet. Not really.

“Congratulations, you have learned a new skill. Teaching, level 1. Rather than forcing another to perform an unknown act you choose to lead by example and show them the way. It will now be easier for you to teach another new skills or techniques. Each level gained in the shill teaching will increase the rate at which you transfer knowledge and also help your student to feel more comfortable in learning. Current level, 1 beginner. 1% speed increase of knowledge transfer. -1% to inhibition and resistance of student.”

“Congratulations, you have learned a new skill. Sex, level 1. You have engaged in the great act of pleasure. Through consistent and conscientious trial you will become wiser and gentler. Or not. It will now be easier for you cause another to feel physical pleasure. Current level, 1 beginner. .5% increase in experienced pleasure for you and another.”

Congratulations, you have learned a new skill. Oral sex, level 1. You have lowered yourself, probably literally, to bring pleasure to another. Through such acts of nonreciprocal pleasure giving you can make The World a better place. Current level, 1 beginner. 1 sec increase in lung capacity. 5% less chance of gag reflex”

Congratulations, you have learned a new skill. Domination, level 1. You have controlled the actions of another. Whether your will is benevolent or not only time will tell. You may now better control the actions of another for your benefit, or theirs. Current level, 1 beginner. .1% reduction in will power of subject for every level.

Congratulations, you have learned a new skill. Breeding, level 1. You have attempted to create a child, or at least performed the steps to create one. It is the duty of all to grow The World in some way and make it stronger. Perhaps your genetic line may be a way. Current level, 1 beginner. 1% increase to probability of successful conception per level. 5% increase in sperm level.”

Congratulations, you have improved the following skills,

Teaching, level 10 novice. One of your students has taken the initiative to improve a skill you taught them. Only through instilling the sense of learned may a teacher truly grow. 10% speed increase of knowledge transfer. -10% to inhibition and resistance of student.

Domination, level 10 novice. By controlling more than one individual at a time you have increased your own power. Others will now naturallys sense your will power and question themselves around you. 1% reduction in will power of subjects with 5 ft.

John was unsure of how he had gained levels at this stage and so early. The benefits were clear but he hadn’t even intended to get some of those skills. He would have to pay more attention.

The woman began to speak once again and brought his attention back. She now stood next to a plain wood door. “Are you ready?”, she asked. John took a few steps and stood in front of the door. He was. She opened the door for him. A packed dirt road lead away from the door. The road was lined by a light forest on each side and led to a town in the distance. John stepped through the door and into The World.

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