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Triple threat.

2022-10-05 00:41:22

Eclipse endured nearly 6 or 7 months of nothing but force breeding, even when her heat ended they forced the vixen to breed even when she was to sexually tired to. However as she drew near to having the litter of pups the 3 males seemed to just one day vanish early in the morning and leaving her alone was this a blessing or would they be back she wasnt shure.

With her belly swollen with 3 pups, 1 male and 2 females. She was able to finally relax without having to look over her shoulder for a male about to rape her, she however didnt forget the faces and never would, were they simply waiting for the pups to be born before showing there faces and killing her preshious pups or would they leave her alone the rest of her life the question remained unanswered. Since that fatefull day when the three brothers upburptly took her prizoner in her own home and turned her into a toy she had remained ever so weary of what was going on around her small peice of land.
However one night when the moon was full in the first week of spring the females whines and yelps of pain could be heard comming from the cave once again. Eclipse had gon into labor and for 3 hours pushed 3 healthy pups into the world, one male witch she named Bullet, and the two twin females, Velvet, and Maria. Also on this night 3 lonely strnagers appeard on Eclipses land and waisted no time in going to the females den. Eclipse had just finished labor and was once again caught off guard when the 3 males entered her den and immediatly sat down her reactions were of shock and dissaray as she covered her newborns with her tail. drake spoke first asking with a evil smirk "What are the pups names." Eclipse answered with a weak voice "Bullet, velvet and Maria." Drake spoke saying "How come we wernt invited to the birthing arnt the fathers intitled to see there kids." Eclipse nerviously replied "I thought you guys left me, I didnt know where you guys were?"

Drake smirked. "we never left sweetheart we were simply biding our time with others, your too preaty and too good of a toy to give up becuase you have been such a good girl we decied to come back we will give you a few days to recoop before starting up again." The words of the male made Eclipse start weeping, she had pups couldnt they just leave her alone.

A few days passed and she awoke and licked all of her pups awake and immediatly pushed them toward her belly to let them feed. she realized she was not alone in the cave, but somtime during the night one of the males had put another chain on her front paw. terriffic she was considered a prizoner in her own home again. the other two were gone and the male that was watching her was the middle aged one jack was his name he got up and walked over to where she was as if he was examining the little pups but he wasnt his cock was already out of its sheeth and ready. she gave a whimper of worry as he circled her before he move to her front and layed down next to her his cock showing, "Suck me off just like your pups, do so now and I will let my brothers know not to touch you for a few more days, I havent been sucked off since the last time you did it." She whinned and said "Please cant you see im nursing pups here, please just leave me alone." The male growled and temped to grab the male pup but she immediatly snapped at him and he snapped back grasping her neck. "Do it now or i will kill one of your puppies." She gave a shrill whine before nodding. She didnt hessitate now that her pups were considered fair game to be killed.
She looked at the males throbbing penis already dripping precum, and shivered. She hated the taste of sperm and was still sick of it, but forced herself to take his cock on her mouth and proceeded to suck on it, she was extreamly gentle and knew how the males liked it. She knew how to get them off the fastest way possible, despite being forced all the time she had gotten extreamly good sex wize. She rolled his cock in her mouth and twisted her toung around it making a sucking motion. Jack quickly began moaning in pleasure as his cock lengthened inside her mouth and went down her throut, before long he was howling in pleasure when his knot entered into her mouth and quickly swelled.

She continued to deep throut him till he began cumming. he tensed up howling in pleasure as he came with 5 heavy loads that exploded out the sides of eclipses mouth, some landed on her pelt and her pups, and some landed on jacks belly, she swollowed as much as she could before she simply let the rest dribble out the sides of her mouth. the males responce was. "That was excellent, you have gotten better and much wizer." She couldnt say anything till his knot decereased Eclipse simply growled defencivly as she began vigorisly cleaning her pelt, and her pups that had gotten seed on them in between lickes she said. "You made me..... A promiss I....... hope you..... keep it." He smirked. "Dont worry i will make shure my brothers dont touch you for another few days if you play your cards right we just might leave you be, but fowl up and its game over." This fact bothered the young female, she now had pups to look after and they were easy targets for her brute captors.

Another 7 months passed, she managed to keep her childern alive this long but what she didnt like was that they were calling the three males. they were calling them uncles, unforcinatly the pups had to watch the three males breeding Eclipse, and were more than currios about why they did what they did to there mother. There mother warned them not to go anywhere with them but she couldnt leave the den herself and the two oldest had already taken Bullet out 5 times doing who knows what, and the twins twice. the true motives of the 3 males were trying to get the pups to trust them and do what they said without question the pups were aloud to do as they pleased but there mother was on restictions and when they asked them to go on the outings the 3 males said mommy would be busy and couldnt go. Usually these ment sex but somtimes they did it when the pups were there, they had seen there mother being humped, as she whined in pain, or as she sucked on the males cock though they didnt know why and wondered what the white stuff was after they dissmounted her.

It seemed harmless to the pups, and one of twin females had been asking questions to the oldest male using simple words that a pup would understand and telling her it was ok. They were bassicly brainwashing Eclipses pups telling them it was ok to do what they were doing and were told not to tell there mother of what they were told. The pups still loved there mother and she loved them but she was unaware of what they were being taught when they were away with the males.

Early one morning while eclipse rested after be harrassed all night with breeding the fea was exausted, and everybody was gone but the oldest male named drake who was laying on his side resting as well, with one of the female twins sitting there infront of the resting brute. She approched the male looking at the area were his penis was located and sniffed it, it smelled extreamly strange how could her mom hold somthing like this in her mouth and suck it, and what was the white stuff. She was caugh off guard when the male awoke and looked at her with a devious but innocent look before saying "Somthing wrong dear?" Velvet backed away quickly acting like she was doing nothing though she was already caught in her curriosity, "Im just currious as to why mom does what she does to you." This sparked the males intrest, "she enjoys it and you could to if you tried it." he lied to the young pup. she looked at it and he moved to where his penis was showing more. "Do you want to try what your mom does to me?" he offered innocently.

Velvet was definatly currious but was nervious "If you do dont bite down, suck on it easy like you did to your mom when you were little drinking milk." He smiled hidding his true discusting intentions. "So the white stuff that comes out is like my moms milk?" the male nodded knowing he was winning his lie over her. Velvet looked at his penis and then back at her sleeping mother and weakly said "Alright." These words seemed to turn the male on and his sheath began swelling but he was holding it back. she nerviously watched it for a moment before laying down he was smiling but devlishly as her curriosity was getting to her. she sniffed it again, "why does it smell so weird" Drake said "Thats what happens when you become older it starts smelling strange." This was a compleate lie and his brainwashing was working.
She watched as his cock came from its sheeth slowly and nerviously began licking it.

His Penis taisted so strange but first simply licked it to get used to the taist. All the while his penis was getting longer and harder. He was whining lowly in pleasure, and the pup could tell he liked it becuase he allways did it when his mother sucked him off though she didnt know that was what she was doing to him. the pup finnally got enough courage and slowly took his cock in her mouth, it was large and continued to get bigger and harder, however as lengethened and widened she felt her mouth open wider to the point it couldnt any more as his cock continued to expand. his cock continued to length and widen and velvet started to panic when her breathing became harder to do between his cock till she wasnt able to breath threw her mouth any longer as her mouth was streached to its limits she began crying. "Easy you might hurt daddy, just breath threw your nose." The female tryed to push back, but his cock was logged in her mouth, when she pulled back he forced his paw on the back of her head and neck kepping her there. She couldnt whine becuase her mouth was blocked, she was panicing now and drake was getting nervious she could hurt him if she kept pulling, she was starting to sufficate, but the large male didnt care watching his cock begin to expand in her throut made him harder. the pup was crying hopping her mother would wake and tried to get her attention she was finnally forced to breath threw her nose but when his cock lengthened into her throut that blocked off her airflow compleatly. the male finnally moaned loudly in pleasure as he was getting closer to his climax. Eclipse awoke when he moaned and looked over at him, his cock logged in his daugters mouth and her crying and looking at her this enraged eclipse and upset her severly. she rushed forward eyes infuryated and sheading instant tears, but forgot the chain and metal collar around her neck. the chain strained and snapped when she reached the end of it and was forced to the ground with a sharp yelp she hit the ground less than 4 feet from where the violation of her daugter was taking place.

The pup know he was almost done but besides the strnage warm feeling of precum dribbling down the pups throut and looked at her mother begging her to help but her mother was chained and now hurt. eclipse was in a living nightmare she was about to watch her daugters final moments of life. she was now begging the male to stop. "Please Drake this is your daughter, please stop." Her crys went unansered as the male forced his own daughters mouth deeper onto his cock for more pleasure as the knot formed just on the ouside of the pups jaws. The pups tears increase as she strained to keep her neck from bending from the force of the weight the male was putting on her to keep her still. the male howled in pleasure as he began cumming.

It didnt take much he thusted 3 times eatch going deeper as he spurted 4 loads of cum into his daughter throut, but her body wasnt like her mothers and it quickly filled her stumach and before it had nowhere else to go and suddenly she stopped moving and her body went limp as several loud snapps were heard. the thusting shattered her neck backbone and her jaw as the strain became to much. Drake was sick he didnt even bother to remove her body and simply stood up his daughter dangling from his cock as cum slowly dripped from the lifeless pup a crazy grinn on his face.

Eclipse was bawling and threw up when drake stood up his daughter dangling from his penis. After a few minutes velvets body slid off and hit the floor blood and cum pouring from the little pups mouth, and noze, Her body defromed from broken bones. Eclipse picked up the pup despite how she smelled and walked out the front as far as she could with the length of the chain and burryed her daughter as deep as she possibly could. "You will pay dearly for the death of my daughter!" she said crying before she went silent when she turned around, A unknown fury and power came about her and she lashed out at the large male this time he was withen her range. Her body became blacker than a moonless and starless night only her eyes showed a now bright red with silver white tears comming from them. She rammed drake in the side sending him flying clean to the back of the den before rushing at him again this was intent to kill. The went right for his cock as she flipped him over. "You will never harm antoher female again after this is gone." Drake knew what was comming and braced for the pain that would end his life.

(if you want to know what happens to drake find out on the next chapter.)